Tips on Preparing for a Springtime Kitchen Remodel

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After thinking about it for some time, you’ve finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and renovate your kitchen. Because you know contractors will be traipsing in and out of your home for weeks, waiting until spring when the weather begins to warm makes the most sense to you.

But while you’re super excited to renovate your kitchen, you know it takes a great deal of planning and preparation. To embrace spring and some of the current kitchen trends, you may want to consider the following tips:

First, Look at What Will be Hot This Spring

As Better Homes and Gardens magazine notes, there are a number of popular springtime kitchen trends from which to choose and that are ideal for your remodel. For example, you may want to opt for some bright and cheery colors for the walls and countertop appliances. Case in point: Pairing lemon yellow walls with a bright, blue KitchenAid mixer is definitely hot right now. Additionally, tearing down walls to create an open kitchen layout is another hot trend that’s expected to continue through the spring, while the addition of new ceiling treatments, like crown molding, are also predicted to remain popular.

Next, Plan Your Budget and Materials

While working with a contractor can help you realize how much the remodel project will cost, you can definitely do some homework of your own. A kitchen remodeling project can vary widely in terms of cost. And while increasing the size of your kitchen may be out of your control, you can certainly select more economical fixtures, appliances and paint that will better serve your current space. Indeed, setting a budget early on can help you determine whether to splurge on low-cost, midrange or high-end materials and appliances — and how much money you’ll need for these updates.

Prepare in Advance as Much as Possible

A kitchen renovation won’t be completed overnight. In fact, in most cases, these projects tend to stretch on for several weeks or even upward of a month or longer. But because the kitchen is one of the most popular and visited rooms in a majority of homes, take the time now to prepare for when this room will become unusable.

Set up a temporary kitchen space you can begin using to prepare basic meals for you and your family. Additionally, watch for sales on small, dorm-style fridges and, if you can, move your microwave into the same area. You may also want to begin stocking up on some essential items, including paper plates, plastic utensils, microwavable meals and shelf-stable foods, while the kitchen is being remodeled.

A spare bedroom is an ideal space to set up a second kitchen and eating area; this way, you can get away from the noise and chaos of the renovation work. As a bonus, you can use the nearby bathrooms to wash any dishes in the tub or sink.

Come on Spring — Get Here Soon!

It may seem at times like spring will never arrive. But time can definitely fly by once you begin planning your spring-inspired design trends, finalizing your budget and shopping for new essential materials. Indeed, before you know it, summer will be here, your springtime renovation project will be completed, and you’ll be spending time in your new and amazing kitchen.


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