Tips on choosing the right pillow on your bed

right pillow

If you are somebody who prefer sleep over everything else, your best friend is going to be your pillow. With the wrong one on your bed, you will be tossing and turning throughout the night without a wink. With the right one, you will never want to leave your bed! It is very important to choose the right pillow for your bed. It may sound like a simple decision to make but it is quite a tedious job. Unless you know the different types of pillows available in the market, you will not be able to make a choice.

Tips on choosing the right pillow

  • Start with a filling: You need to pick the type of filling you would like on your pillow. You can choose from a feather filling or a goose down. The material will retain the warmth and is high in quality. The fill power is an indicator which shows the filling a pillow has. Down filled pillows are soft and light in weight making it ideal for all weather use. Further, there is polyester filling which is less expensive but is the least durable of them all.
  • Decide the size: Once you have decided on the type of filling you prefer in your pillow, you can choose the size. You will be required to consider the size of your bed, the number of pillows you use and the way you use them. The sizes will correspond to the size of the mattress. Choosing a small pillow for a king size bed will ruin the look of the room and will not feel comfortable either. Hence, consider all the aspects before you decide on the size you prefer. You can also choose to layer the pillows on your bed if you like to prop yourself against a pile while you read or work. A standard pillow is suitable for every size of the bed.
  • Select softness: The type of filling you pick will reflect on the softness of the pillow. The way the filling is packed will make a difference on the way the pillow feels. For a firm pillow, the filling is stuffed in tightly and for a soft pillow, the filling is looser. You can try out the pillow before you make the purchase.
  • How do you sleep?: Your sleep position will help you decide on the pillow you need to use. Whether you sleep on your back or on your stomach? Different positions will need you to use different pillows. Choose a flatter pillow if you sleep on the back and stomach. It will keep your neck properly aligned. If you sleep on your side, you need to choose a loftier pillow that will fill the gap between the neck and head.

Consider all the important aspects before you buy the right pillow. It should not be a hasty decision. You should ideally try out the pillow in order to determine the softness and the comfort level it offers.

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