Tips for Winter Grilling

winter grilling

When people think of grilling, the first season that comes to mind is summer. Days like the 4th of July, Labor Day, and Father’s Day are typically associated with the barbecue, and the grill is often put away after it begins to get cold. However, there is no reason that a grill cannot be used all year long if it is done carefully. Here are five tips to make a winter grilling experience safe and delicious.


While it is always important for a grill to be kept clean, before using it in winter, the process is even more critical. If a grill has been used regularly all summer long, it might be a good idea to give it a good clean before using it again. This not only makes the grill cleaner, it also helps make sure that it is running properly. There might be a buildup somewhere that could otherwise be missed.


Safety is always something that should be considered carefully. If the ground near the grill is slick or uneven, it can be dangerous. A person could fall, or the grill could be knocked over. Both of these events can result in serious damage to person or property. It is also critical to keep extra fuel away from the grill, as well as anything that is flammable. Finally, it is crucial that someone has made sure that the person doing the grilling is wearing appropriate clothing. Scarves can trail into the fires and not wearing the correct gloves can result in serious burns.

Fuel Levels

It is always important to check the levels of fuel while grilling, and winter grilling is no different. It is important to make sure that there is extra fuel and that a griller is prepared to use more fuel than usual. Charcoal burns quicker in the cold, while other fuels like propane are less effective.  If someone is looking to make barbeque and get a smokier taste, the Electric Smoker Center website offers advice on buying and using an electric smoker.  Unlike a grill, an electric smoker does not require charcoal or propane.


In a similar vein, it is important to have a proper lighting source when grilling in the winter. With the sun setting much earlier in the day, things need to change. The summer is ideal for grilling, but now it’s dark, there needs to be a proper source of lighting near the grill. This should be something that is not a trip hazard, like extension cords. An overhead light is best because it will allow the light to shine on the food more directly. A headlamp can also be a wonderful investment, allowing the griller to directly shine a light on what they are doing.

Grilling can be a fun activity and one that results in a wide variety of delicious foods. Whether someone wants to make baked potatoes, steak, or grilled chicken, the season should not mean that cooking outside is out of the question. By practicing safe grilling, being aware of where the grill is placed, avoiding fire hazards, and having a light in the area, grilling can be a safe and delicious pastime, year-round.

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