Tips for Transforming Your Front Yard

front yard

Your front yard is for all to see. Whether they’re casually walking past, jogging on their morning run or are friends walking to your front door, people notice your worn-down lawn and dried up shrubs. Not only does it damage your house’s curb appeal, but it can be a source of embarrassment.

Busy schedules make gardening difficult, and on the weekends, it can seem like a chore. There are ways for people to become more green-thumbed individuals, without the need to spend vast amounts of money and time on upkeeping their yard. Here’s how you can transform your front yard into something spectacular.

Decide Your Intent

People usually leave their front yards unattended; growing plants, shrubs and flowers without much thought. The back yard hosts the parties, with outdoor seating, patios and decking. We tend to the barbecue out back because the front yard is for visuals only.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you have a lot of space, use it! If you live in a suburb or rural area, your neighbors won’t mind seeing you relaxing in the front of your house; instead, they’ll wave, say hi and move on. Decide if you have room for an outdoor lounge area, so if the sun is shining out front during the morning or evening, you can still bask in it.

Think Theme

Trends come and go, so deciding on a theme has never been more stressful. Look online for inspiration, however, stay true to your general likes and dislikes. If you love vintage, refrain from going modern. You’ll only want to change it later; costing you more money.

Size Up the Big Furniture

Furniture such as sofas, tables and outdoor cooking units can be costly, so it’s wise to size up what you want, how much it’ll cost, and whether you’ll use it enough to get a return on your investment.

Most American homes (especially in the suburbs) come with porches: a space for families to place furniture and lounge in. However, the sun can’t truly reach you, so having furniture further afield can be beneficial. Placing sofas which would usually be inside, outside, is incredibly on trend, and much more comfortable than metal and wire seats that leave imprints on the back of your legs.

Finding the perfect sofa can be difficult, though. You’ll want to find a sofa which looks as if it belongs in the outdoors, otherwise, you’ll risk looking uncouth. Natural wood and neutral color schemes blend in nicely; add color with cushions and local plant pots.

Consider the Smallest of Details

Mowing the lawn, planting a few flowers and placing a couple of chairs isn’t going to cut it. You need to figure out all the details before starting; ensuring you’ve covered all bases. Update your fencing panels, paint your front gate (and door), pressure wash the pathway, and decide beforehand where plants, ornaments and seating will go.

The smallest of details can complete your transformation. Hang lighting such as fairy lights across your garden, spreading from tree to tree; place a butterfly feeder and hang a birdbath to attract wildlife, and if the weather is warm and dry, place fun printed pillows on your outdoor furniture.

A front yard is there to be utilized – make sure you transform your patch of land so it can be a space for you, your family and friends, to enjoy.


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