Tips for the right purple bridesmaid dress

Whether you have an entourage of girlfriends like bridesmaids, or if you have summoned all nieces to sprinkle with flowers, finding the right outfit for your bridesmaids can be pretty tricky. We are happy to help you on your way.

There are so many different satin bridesmaid dresses available. From pompous to elegant style, all quite “unique”. It shows again how difficult it is for a bride to find the suitable dress for her bridesmaids. This season dusty shade of purple are very popular for bridesmaids. The reason why purple is a popular color for bridesmaids is because of its history and high status. It gives the wedding a royal feeling. And your bridesmaids will feel more special on this day when they are wearing a purple shade.

Bridesmaids used to be the unmarried female family members, but nowadays good friends, sisters or other loved ones are assigned this task. As a bridesmaid you stand by the bride and groom during the day. Originally bridesmaids were there to divert the attention of evil spirits. That is why they look almost as beautiful as the bride.

Make a mood board

The atmosphere of the wedding, the style of your dress, the colors that you want to be reflected in the day; make a mood board of what your wedding will look like. Then it’s a lot easier to choose a style and purple shade for the bridesmaid dresses.

Search online

Finding the right dress should be easy and even fun. After the bride has made a selection of favorite dresses, the bridesmaids can indicate which dress they prefer online. You can also experiment with different shades of purple like bright and vibrant royal purple bridesmaid dresses. In this way you can be sure that your bridesmaid dresses match your own dress. 

Let your bridesmaid choose a dress

Sometimes a bridal couple lets the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. In order not to get a weird combination of colors, styles and lengths, it might be useful to use the the color wheel tool in If you prefer that your bridesmaids look stylish and uniform in purple, then in addition to finding the perfect wedding dress, you also have a task. Namely finding the perfect bridesmaid dress. The color aubergine is palest shade of purple can be a good option because it looks good on any skin tone. In order to find this color use the color wheel tool. The color wheel tool makes it so much easier to find the right dress and saves you a lot of time.

Over the top vs simplicity

Is your dress striking or even extravagant? Then it is wise to keep the bridesmaid dress simple. A beautiful silk A-line model for example. And preferably choose dresses just below the knee or down to the floor. Too short wedding dresses flatter almost no one on such a day.

Different style dresses in purple

Now it may be that your friends all have a very different build. While one looks super cute in a tight halter dress, the other looks more like a tied up roulade and you can’t do that to your friends of course. Yet you want all your bridesmaids to match. It is therefore not an option to choose completely different dresses. Different types of dresses in purple shades. This way every bridesmaid feels comfortable and elegant! For this style, it is most convenient to use the color wheel so you don’t have to go crazy looking for the right colors.


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