Tips For Storing Your Fine Jewellery

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It is surprising that most people are educated on how to purchase fine jewellery but know very little about how to store the jewellery. The reason jewellery storage is an important topic is because it helps you preserve the value of your jewellery. Individual taste and habits play a major part when jewellery storage is a concern. For instance, most people prefer storing their jewellery in a jewellery box. However, there are some storage methods that can destroy the jewellery over time. For that reason, below are ways in which you should store your fine jewellery.

Choose A Jewellery Box with a Soft Lining and a Sturdy Exterior

A good jewellery box should be capable of protecting your jewellery from external pressure and that is why the exterior has to be sturdy. On the other hand, the soft lining should help your jewellery maintain its original lustre whereby it protects it in case you accidentally drop it. Before you buy a jewellery box, make sure it has multiple compartments and can store all your jewellery without clumping them together.

Avoid High Temperature and Humidity

The room where you store your jewellery should have low humidity this is because humidity cause premature discoloration and tarnishing of your jewellery. The same room should not have direct sunlight (i.e. the temperature should be at room temperature). Temperature is known to cause damage to gemstones and metals over time where they become lighter or change colour.

Store Your Clean Jewellery in a Clean Place

This tip applies to all jewellery but more importantly on gold-filled and silver jewellery. It is recommended that you get your sterling silver jewellery cleaned with silver glaze after four to six month. The box where you store your jewellery has to be sparkling clean since storing jewellery in a dusty or smelly box causes the jewellery to soon pick up the dinginess of the box. Make sure to vacuum out the jewellery box and ensure it is smelling fresh.

Use Hooks to Hang Necklace

When you visited jewellery shops, you may have noticed that they hang their necklace on jewellery armoires which have doors on both sides. Simon West Fine Jewellery offers the best fine jewellery in Melbourne so you should probably check it out. The reason why it is recommended for you to hang your necklace vertically is because it helps prevent the knotting and kinking of your jewellery. Maybe you are wondering what to do since you don’t have a jewellery armoire, well, you can use the DIY solution. All you need is a cork board and an old frame then use the push-pin as the hooks where you can hang your bracelets and necklaces. In case you opt for the jewellery stand, then ensure it is tall enough to avoid the necklaces from touching the ground.

Avoid Storing Different Kinds of Jewellery Together

Jewellery made from different materials such as diamond, silver, pearl, and gold should be stored in a different compartment. When different types of jewellery are stored together, they usually rub each other which result to them being tarnished. You can use jewellery holder, drawer organizer and zip-lock bags to help you separate your jewellery.

Use Anti-Tarnish Strips

Sometimes, silver may disappoint you for tarnishing quickly even after all your effort to store it in a proper place and that why it is recommended to use anti-tarnish strips in your jewellery box. Anti-tarnish strips prevent the dull film from setting in your silver jewellery by absorbing the air pollutant in the jewellery box.

Invest in Your Safety Deposit Box

A safety deposit box helps you store sentimental and valuable pieces that you wear rarely. It is also recommended to insure your most valuable jewellery. Although you can purchase your jewellery insurance easily, it is much convenient and you are likely to get the best cover if you purchase your insurance from an insurance agency that specializes in jewellery.

Remember all those tips and you can ensure that your fine jewellery will last much longer.

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