Tips for Moving Overseas to Live

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One of the biggest decisions when you are planning to move overseas is usually what you will take with you to the new place and what you will have to leave behind. There are a number of factors that influence that decision and you need to think about each of them carefully before you decide.

The Amount Of Time You Will Be Gone

This factor plays a role in whether you should sell your items or if you should keep them. If you are going for years then it is best to sell the items because leaving all of them to friends can be hectic. However, if you are moving away for a year or less, then you can ask your closest family or friends to keep the things for you until you return. Consider if the items will be a strain on the person you are leaving it to before you ask them to keep it. You can carry the items that have sentimental value to you and the essentials.You may also need a visa for staying in your new country according to Immigration Solutions.

What Things Will Make The New Place Feel Like Home

There are certain things in your home that you feel define the place. These are the ones you should consider carrying. Make a list of the top 10 items that you make you feel like you are home once you walk in the door. They could be framed photos of a loved one, your favorite lamp or any other thing.

Remember that moving overseas will mean that you will be far from the people you love and everything that feels familiar. These items are what will keep you in place when you start to feel homesick. They will allow you to feel like there is still a piece of the place you left behind in the new country.

Be Aware Of What Is Restricted Where You’re Moving To

This is important because there are some items that cost you heavy fees when you carry them across borders. There are also items that are prohibited in some countries. These could include pets, plants, flammables and some countries even restrict prescription drugs.

You can go online and find out from the country’s official website the items that are not allowed in the country. It is advisable to find the country’s consulate number and contact them so that you can get the right information concerning import fees, duty costs and any restricted items.

The Climate In The Place You Are Moving To

Climate affects many things. If you are moving to a very dry place, you may want to leave some of your furniture as these places tend to have termite infestations and the wood will end up getting damaged. On the other hand, tropical weather can be bad for certain antiques and some types of artwork. You can leave them with a person you trust so that they do not end up getting damaged.

Size Of The New Place

This will also determine what you will carry. If the place will be a small rental space then it is best to carry very few items. There are also places that come fully furnished so all you need is your clothes. You should call to inquire about the size of the place and the layout as well so that you can better plan what to carry and what to leave behind.

Figure Out Your Shipping Arrangements

This is also key in deciding what you will carry. You should find out the shipping costs and methods so that you can know what method is best for the kind of items that you have. If you are moving because of work, you can find out if they are going to pay for the shipping costs. They may have some rules you need to be aware of when it comes to moving household items. There are companies that pay part of the costs or even full costs depending on the size of your items.

Keep in mind that you are embarking on a new adventure to a new world. This is a chance that few people get to have so make sure you enjoy the moment.

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