Tips for dating in the time of social distancing

Is dating still possible now that we have to stay indoors? The answer is yes even during social distancing and lockdown there are opportunities to connect with other. Single or just an early relationship? Go the extra mile! These are challenging times when you are looking for love or just getting to know each other. People living alone see this as the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better. You have more time and you discover the creative sides of each other that you might discover in a normal setting after a long period of time. This article helps you to get through these challenging times with tips for a fun date and love life.

Dating during social distancing

Creativity and guts can really make a world of difference when you are dating a new lover. No one has experienced a situation like this before, so you are stimulated to be creative. In this case there are no frameworks for what is “normal”. It’s nice if you take that extra step for your match from Kent dating. You may be afraid that it is too much, but in a period like this is not too much.

Virtual meetup

Now that physical contact is excluded, it is a good idea to visit each other virtually. Besides long chats, there is of course much more to come up with Love Berkshire Singles. A voice often says a lot about the other, so start with a ring. Do you find that exciting? Then you can start sending voice messages. When the time is right to see more of each other, you can start video calling each other via Skype or Facetime.

Virtual dinner for two

If you are over the excitement of video calling, there are more fun dates that you can undertake remotely. For example, cook a nice meal together or plan a romantic virtual dinner for two, light candles and make yourself beautiful for this date. Not a hero in the kitchen? Restaurants respond to the need to make it cozy at home, order food from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to your date.

social distancing

Be considerate

Whether you are separated from your loved ones, you are quarantined with someone you just met on Fife sex site, single and discover the world of online dating; the rapid spread of the coronavirus changes our relationships enormously. So try to be considerate. Being attentive is often in the small things, but now you will have to put in some extra effort. Find it in the little things and try to do something nice for each other.

Netflix and chill?

Watching a movie with your date is one of the most common dates out there. And even if you are separated from each other, this is still possible. Choose a nice movie or series and press play at the same time. How do you think people do this who are in a long distance relationship by default? It is more difficult to switch to the chill part, but if you really want to do that, you can always have phone sex and try dating via Surrey sex site. The only limit in your quarantine life is your own creativity.

social distancing

Don’t stop playing games

Whether it is a game of cards via Face-time, an online old-fashioned game or a joint game on the PlayStation. Playing a game in quarantine is perhaps the easiest thing you can do when you are in quarantine. It’s ideal to pass the time during social distancing. Whether you’re playing a game or going to do strip poker, it is all possible online nowadays.


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