Tips for Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a must for every house. As our lives have become much busier and getting a timeout to clean everything with a mop personally is not even possible. Especially if you have toddlers at home, they keep making a mess in seconds, getting control of them is the hardest job ever. Having a vacuum cleaner makes things so much better. Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your house generally depends on your requirement and the number of people that live in the house, what are their ages, what kind of mess you have got to deal with every day. For example the best vacuum for stairs in your house are lightweight and cordless.

If you are getting a vacuum cleaner for the first time, it might be confusing for you right now. Surfing through the internet also make things a little twisted as there is a lot of information spread around and you cannot figure out what to choose. Here is complete information that will help you in deciding.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag or no bag

This is one of the questions that never go away and most probably one of the most confusing ones. To put an end to the debate, both work entirely and efficiently fine. Both have their perks and cons. Let’s talk about the cons first. With bag ones, you will need to change the bag every once in a while, and that will add up to your expense. With the bag-less ones, you will have to clean the trash can after every cleaning, which is not a treat either. The choice is yours, if you can afford, vacuums with the bags are recommended but if you can’t add one more thing to your expense, go with the bag-less ones. One of the better bagless vacuums on the market is the Dyson V10. While it might not be quite as good for allergy sufferers, its HEPA filtration definitely makes a big difference

Corded or cordless vacuums

We all want to go with the cordless vacuums because who want otherwise tangles around their foot whenever they are trying to clean. I agree with you, but that’s not it. It has its shortcomings like there battery does not last very long and even if you buy the best-rated ones, they will last up to 30 minutes or more. To be honest, no house is cleaned in just 30 minutes; it will make things harder for you as it will do have of the work for you and the rest you will have to wait until vacuum cleaner is charged again.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner

Next and the most important thing is to check the weight of vacuum cleaner. As you are going to be carrying it around, it should be easy to move. The new models are much lighter than the previous ones. Whenever you are going shopping, make sure that the product is feasible enough so that you do not regret your decision afterward. Even if the vacuum cleaner is lightweight, make sure that it has wheels, so that you can move it around easily. Some of the new product does not have wheels; they have built-in mechanisms that help in dragging the vacuum around. Don’t get carried away by the rumor that lightweight vacuum cleaners are expensive; affordable vacuum cleaners are also available.

How versatile is the vacuum cleaner?

There must be a specific purpose you want the vacuum cleaner to perform. If you want it for everyday cleaning, then almost every vacuum cleaner will work. But since you are putting in a lot of money, it should be able to perform a lot of tasks, like dusting off the curtains or picking up the litter after a huge party. If you have hardwood floors, then your vacuum cleaner should be able to perform multiple tasks, like if you drop a drink. It should be able to clean the stains. If you want to clean the carpet at home, check out the 5 best robot vacuum for carpet and buying guide.

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