Tips for Choosing Comfortable High Heels

Wearing uncomfortable heels can have serious negative effects on your health. It therefore follows that every woman should know how to choose the right high heels – high heels that are both comfortable and fashionable. Below, we will look at some helpful tips for choosing the right pair of shoes.

Start with the Right Size and Fit

All shoe companies have slight variations in their shoe sizes. It is therefore important that women put on the shoes they are looking at before buying them. Take a walk around the store if you need to, as this is the only way you are going to know whether the shoes are comfortable for walking in. Also, make sure that the shoe fits right. The right shoe should support and hold the foot in place. If the shoe is too loose, the foot could slide up and down inside the shoe which might make it hard to balance on the heel. Shoes that are the wrong fit could also cause blisters, bleeding and messed up toenails.

Shop at the End of Your Day

Your feet are more likely to be swollen at the end of the day from walking or other activities. Finding the right pair when your feet are in this state will ensure that the shoes can fit you at all times.

Get Comfortable in Your Heels at Home

To ensure that you are comfortable walking in your heels in public, practice walking in them at home. Remember that if you are unable to walk in the heels or they do not fit right, you can always return them if you have not worn them outdoors.

When practicing in your new heels, know that your strides will be shorter in them. Also, try not to roll your ankles to the sides as this might cause injury.

Consider Sole Thickness and Cushioning

Wearing heels adds pressure to the ball of your foot. You therefore need good cushioning to ensure you can walk in heels all day long. Thick padding and good cushioning help the heels provide better support and increases their comfort level. A good example of well-padded shoes is the women’s Balenciaga’s at SSENSE. SSENSE is a high-end fashion store for women who would like to look their best, and they offer items from plenty of other designers as well as Balenciaga shoes.

For women who need more cushioning, you can look for shoes that have and orthopedic insole. This insole shapes your foot in an anatomically correct manner.

Go for Natural Materials Over Synthetic

Synthetic leather heels are cheaper, but they come with major drawbacks the longer you wear them. Get good quality leather heels. Suede and leather high heels are more malleable and therefore can adjust a lot more easily to the shape of your foot. They also help to prevent chafing.

Another advantage of natural materials is that heels made from them will usually last longer than those made out of synthetic materials. To know if your heels are made from real leather or suede, check the label on the inside.

Finding a good high heel does not have to be an adventure; simply choose heels that are the right size and fit, heels that have padding and good support, and ones made out of real leather or suede and you are all set!

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