Tips For An Excellent Vacation Drone Video

So, you are off to vacation and desire to carry your drone to give the video a new perspective. Great! Flying a drone feels marvelous, and at the same time, is a form of art. While using drones to capture vacation videos, you have limited flight time, winds whirling, and charming views around, so that you may think every angle, and perspective will provide you with dramatic footage. But it is not the truth. You cannot just point the drone, start capturing footage, and expect they would come out as masterpieces. To make the vacation moments memorable and ever relishing, you have to follow some super-amazing tips to shoot videos. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie holding the drone for the first time, or an expert drone videographer, following some tips will turn your vacation video into a marvelous piece. Letting you and your family cherish and relive those wondrous moments for a lifetime. The outstanding footage you have taken will remain mere footage if not edited well. Proper editing is a must, regardless of capturing videos with the best possible gear like a fabulous drone. If you just have returned from the long vacation, and do not have the time to edit the shots, or simply lack the experience, you better hire a drone video editing service to manage this crucial part with utter perfection.

Tips for an Excellent Vacation Drone Video

We all cherish vacation moments, and to make them memorable by capturing the moments with a drone is undoubtedly a magnificent idea. Let us get into some marvelous tips to make an excellent vacation drone video.

Slow Down the Drone

If you are a beginner, you may find it fun to fly the drone fast when you are shooting a vacation video. But the fact is, to get most out of the shots, you need to fly the drone in a slow and steady pace. You want your vacation video to look cinematic, and by flying it deliberately, you will get footage like films, and do not need to slow them down while editing.

Filming in a very spacious and open view, where no movements can be seen without making the drone fly fleet, allows you to fly it at a quick pace.

Use ND Filters

Utilizing Neutral Density (ND) filters in the camera of the drone will impressively enhance the value of your vacation video. Such filters lessen the shutter speed of the drone camera so that the shots do not come out as fuzzy ones and seem cinematic and enjoyable. Using ND filters is a must if you are filming your vacation video in a location where there is a lot of sunlight so that there is no effect of the moving objects like shades or water, etc.

You will find sets of NDs, including several filters with various intensifiers. Then how will you choose the distinct filter? What you need to do is to set the drone camera into standard and try the screens until you find the shot of accurate brightness.

Think about the Shots

You aspire to produce a marvelous vacation drone video, right? For that, before you begin recording, you have to prepare the shots thoroughly. So, do not just unpack the drone from your bag, fly it randomly, and capture shots of everything around. Instead, take your time, look around, think about how you want your ultimate product should seem, and commence shooting accordingly.

One vital tip here to be in the mood is to listen to the music you desire to use in the video. Keep the editing in memory while filming, and take as many shots as you can.

The drone itself provides you with immense opportunity to enchant the viewers with some unpredictable footage. But yet, some videos look dull. Use multiple layers and reveal the views eventually to make the vacation video more exciting and appealing to view. Thus you can hold the attention of the viewers and create enthusiasm among them to watch what is next.

Film in the Golden Hours

How your end product will appear depends hugely on the amount of natural light it is getting while shooting. Do not fancy the term ‘golden hour.’ It is the time just after dawn and before dusk. Everything seems so dramatic and epic during the time immediately after the sunrise or just before the sunset. If you want to put a dramatic impression on your vacation drone video, there is no better option than shooting when it is the golden hours. Another reason is that the shots will not be overexposed and hence not be fuzzy.

Focus on Video Editing 

You have certainly taken excellent shots of your vacation. Now, in the post-production part, you cannot solely contemplate on highlighting the key features of the tour, but it needs to seem professional also. While editing, skip the jerky and unwanted shots and try to combine a zoom impact on top of the movement to hold the concentration of the audience on the footage.

Again, be considerate about color grading to give the video a flawless look. If you are incorporating shots from another camera in the final video, do not forget to do color matching so that all the footages look alike.

Now, you have a handful of marvelous tips for making your vacation drone video excellent, keep them in mind, take your drone to the trip, and capture some fabulous footage to enchant everyone around you! 

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