Tips for a successful long-distance relationship

long-distance relationship

While traveling, working or studying abroad you not only fall in love with the country and the language, but there is also the chance that you will fall madly in love with someone special. This is one of the great additional benefits of such a trip. But what do you do when you both go home and don’t live in the same country? Being that far apart is the biggest challenge of any long distance relationship. You don’t want the physical distance to your loved one to lead to an emotional distance. On the other hand, you don’t have to clean up your room every day for another. But to maintain the long-distance relationship and live permanently in a fairy tale, you need a mountain of optimism, perseverance and effort!

Nothing is impossible with Mature Hampshire Dating and the tips for a successful long-distance relationship in this blog post will help you make the romance blossom regardless of the distance between you.

1. Agree the ideal time to communicate

Although you can send an email or text message 24/7, sometimes you just have to talk to each other and get a direct, personal response. When you Date Hampshire Singles depending on the distance, it may take a while to know the perfect time to chat, but practice makes perfect. Funny voicemails can be a good comfort for missed calls and wrong timing. And no, it doesn’t matter if you can only call each other on Sunday morning: everything revolves around the fact that you make time for each other.

2. Discover easy and convenient ways to keep in touch

Once you know the correct timing, it is also important to discover the best ways. Fortunately, keeping in touch with the other side of the world has never been easier and cheaper. Usually Wi-Fi is enough, for example you can skype, chat or FaceTime. Make sure that the means of communication are easily accessible to both of you and don’t forget that a mix of several different channels makes your contact even more interesting.

3. Bring out your creative side

When you don’t see your partner from The Hampshire Dating Site for a while. Write a letter, record an audio message, put together a gift package or send a card. Use your imagination and come up with new, surprising ways to let your loved one know you’re thinking about him or her. How about secretly leaving some post its with sweet messages on your next visit?

4. Don’t run away from confrontations

If you only see each other once every few weeks or months and maybe speak a different language, it seems appealing not to discuss problems, arguments and concerns. Nobody wants to argue if you are only together for 48 hours, but in the long run it can be more difficult if you ignore all your disagreements. A long-distance relationship remains a relationship. The more you talk about small things, before they lead to big problems in your relationship, the better.

5. Talk it out

Try to be open and honest about your feelings and emotions. Not knowing where your partner is or where he / she spent last Saturday night can lead to too much worry and unnecessary panic. The fact that you can easily see (or imagine yourself) through social media how much fun someone has, certainly does not make a long-distance relationship easier. It is important that you trust each other enough to share all your thoughts and feelings and find ways together to deal with any jealousy, fear or doubt.

6. The glass is half full

The fact that you actually live your normal life and also have a long-distance relationship can be both a curse and a blessing. You may feel that you are missing something because it is difficult to do “normal couple” things, such as having lunch together, picking up from work, going to the cinema. But remember it can be a huge advantage to do your own thing. If you have to study or work overtime in the evening, you don’t have to disappoint your partner or, for example, cancel a dinner or movie night.

7. Do normal things together

If you only see each other a few times a year, everything probably feels like a vacation. In fact, it’s probably a vacation because you took time off. There is nothing wrong with sleeping in, going out for brunch or taking a tour of your city / country, but it is also important to just do some normal things together. Think of everyday tasks, such as shopping, hanging the laundry or watering the plants. Because trying to make boring chores fun together is the ultimate relationship test, isn’t it?

8. Plan your moments well together

Depending on how much time and money it takes to visit each other, it can be quite a mission to meet. Not knowing when the next time is can be detrimental to your feelings and planning your life. Therefore, try to choose a new date as soon as possible after returning home. That way you can both plan ahead and take advantage of early bird tickets and other seasonal discounts. And of course you have something to look forward to!

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