Tips for a flat stomach and hourglass figure

We all dream of a flat stomach and small waist. But how do you do that? To be honest it is not as difficult as you think with the right exercise and quality waist trainer.

Set concrete goals

First of all, it is important to ask yourself what you want to achieve, and why. If you want a small waist exercising and a strict diet can help a lot. If you want faster results and don’t want to be on a strict diet, I highly recommend to use wholesale waist trainer. You will have a flat belly that makes you happy, and a life in which you can still eat a snack here and there.

Exercise and diet: 80/20 rule

It is also important to realize that a tight stomach does not suddenly appear due to many workouts. It is the combination of training and a balanced and healthy diet. In fact, have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Experts often say that 80 percent of your results depend on your diet and ‘only’ 20 percent on your training. A healthy diet is therefore crucial, but the training sessions should certainly not be missed.

Burn belly fat

And then it’s time to get rid of the following cliché: targeting fat burning does not exist. You have no control over where your fat arrives and where your fat disappears. So if you’re training abs, that doesn’t mean you’ll burn fat specifically there it could just as well be in your arms or elsewhere. That’s why if you want faster results best affordable shapewear can help you achieve it. Within a short time, you will have an hourglass figure as it’s specifically targets your waist.

Importance of training abs

You use your abs with almost every movement. It is the core of your body, and you want to make it strong and firm. Because you really use them for almost everything. Think of bending over, but also taking a teacup from the cupboard or even walking. Just pay attention after a long walk: you will definitely feel the muscles in your stomach.

This is how you train abs

If you want a flat stomach try compound exercises. These are exercises in which you train the whole body. These exercises are functional and can therefore also be applied in daily life. So you train your abs not in isolation, but in proportion to the rest of your body. Such as squats, deadlift and bench press.

Cardio is often suggested as the solution when you want to lose weight. Cardio, like running, can certainly help, but building muscle is much more important. By building muscle mass, your metabolism will work faster, and you will burn more fat. In addition, the extra power comes in handy in everyday life.

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