Tips For Creating A Serene Space For Meditation In Your Home

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Meditation is simply the act of spending time in quiet thought for relaxation or religious purposes. If meditation is something you practive or you want it to be a part of your life, then you ought to begin by dedicating a space in your home for the practice. Having a designated room or space for meditation not only encourages you to make time for it, but it ideally gets rid of potential distractions that might get in the way of your spiritual practice. In this article, we are going to give you a couple of tips that will help you get started with creating a serene space for meditation:

Choosing A Meditation Space

If you have a spacious home, dedicating an entire room for meditation would be great, but that is not always necessary. A small area in a room can work just as well. However, there are certain things like foot traffic to that room or space that you will need to consider to achieve the least amount of interruption. You can consider using a curtain or a bamboo screen to separate that area from the rest of the room and create a distinct space for your meditation.

If there’s no space in the house, you can create a meditation space in your backyard. The outside is particularly ideal as you get to connect with nature, and it is more often than not a distraction-free space. However, you need to be wary of the weather as it is a potential distraction.

Don’t Complicate The Space

When it comes to building a meditation space, you will want to simplify things as much as possible. A yoga mat, pillow, and a small table for an altar are usually enough for a meditation room or space. You want to have a relax inducing space and having a few basic and straightforward items will help you achieve that. Add some soothing sage smudging sticks and smudging tools. Sage smudging sticks are excellent for purifying any space, dispersing negativity, and soothing stress and anxiety. Also try using incense to create a more calming environment for meditation. You can always add a couple of items that are personal to you, preferably things that make you feel relaxed and happy. Just don’t clutter the space.

Get Rid of Distractions

You mediation space or room should be a strictly no-tech zone. So, anything from TV, smartphones, to tablets should not be in the room. Also, potential distraction items like magazines and books should not be on your site. Also, it is best to tell anyone in the house or apartment to try and not interrupt you when in a meditation session. During the session, you want your mind to be at ease in order to relax, and distractions tend to take away the peacefulness in meditation. So, try your best to ensure that your meditation area is a distraction-free zone.

Add Mother Nature Elements To The Space

Meditation is ideally about connecting with nature. As such, you will want to add a small item that will add the feeling of life to your space. In regards to this, you can try a small plant, a small water fountain or a wall fountain from, sand or anything else that helps you connect with the earth.

Activate All of Your Senses

It is also important to add something that will stimulate every sense in your body. Incense or a candle would be ideal for the smell. A stone or some beads would be great for touch. A painting or a small statue would be excellent for sight. A glass of water would be ideal for taste and quiet, and calming music would be perfect for sound.

Having something for all your five senses allows you to focus more on your mind and body and makes the ritual


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