Tips And Tricks For Designing An Interior Designer’s Bathroom

We all want perfect bathrooms in our homes. After all, they are one of the busiest rooms in any property and will probably be seen by any guests who visit. As well as stylish, they should be super practical. And there is one type of person who can perfectly combine contemporary style with heaps of practical features: an interior designer!

Do you want your bathroom to look like an interior designer designed for the spread in a decor magazine? Not only will it look fantastic, but your whole family will enjoy using it as well! So how do you get an interior designer’s bathroom? Here are my top tips and tricks.

Ditch The Drapes

Does your bathroom window have drapes? These are quite outdated for bathrooms now. So it’s a good idea to replace them with a window furnishing that is a little more en vogue. For instance, you may prefer to hang a blind. Alternatively, window frosting is very in fashion right now and would be an interior designer’s number one choice. Once you have window frosting added to your window, you will find that you can keep your privacy without having to block out all the natural sunlight. For more information about frosting, you can check find out more about frosted glass window film from SolarTex, Inc.

Add Drama

Drama can add a lot of style to any room. And one of the best ways to add some drama to your bathroom is by adding bold fixtures and fittings. For instance, why go with a boring style for your faucet when you could add some chic bronze vintage ones that are slightly over the top. They will create a fantastic focal point in the room. Adding jewels is another great way of adding some dramatics to your decor.



Be Careful With Lights

You will need to add some lights to your bathroom, even if you have a good number of windows. It’s important that you carefully consider where you place these lights. Be sure to add some sconce lighting on either side of any mirrors as this won’t cause any shadows when you are looking in the mirror. Wall lighting is great for bathrooms as it isn’t as bright as light fixtures on the ceiling. And you will find that it helps you relax a lot better when you are bathing in your tub!

Soft And Hard

It is a good idea to mix soft and hard furnishings in your bathroom. You will already have a few hard furnishings in there, such as a bathtub and shower. But don’t forget the soft ones either! For example, add a small vanity stool with a cushioned top. Remember that towels and other lines count towards your soft furnishings, so you won’t have to buy too many additional furniture pieces.

Once you have created your interior designer’s bathroom, you may never want to leave it! As a matter of fact, it could cause a lot more arguments over who gets to use it first in the mornings. But it will certainly be worth it!

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