Tips and inspiration to make your wedding special during corona

You have chosen to do your wedding during the corona crisis? With current measures you might have a maximum amount of guests that are allowed and practice social distancing. In this article we give you tips and inspiration to make your wedding date an intimate and special day.

How to get married during corona

As a bridal couple, you have chosen to get married on your original wedding day. Maybe because it is a special date for you, because of your faith, a desire to have children or maybe you are already pregnant and would like to get married before the baby arrives. How nice is it to still be able to celebrate love with your family and friends?

As you probably already know, the measures the government has enacted to reduce the spread of the coronavirus also pertain to weddings. Maybe you are only allowed to have a limited number of guests due to current restrictions. However, this does not mean that your wedding day cannot be special. One thing is for sure, your guests will not forget this wedding! It is actually very special to get married now, in an intimate way.

Wedding photos

Wedding guests who unfortunately cannot attend because you had to shorten the guest list for the wedding ceremony or because the guest may be in the risk group, can still enjoy your wedding ceremony with wedding photos swap. You can collect and share photos taken by guests with this mobile app so that everyone can enjoy your most beautiful day from all angles!

Walk to the altar

Have you always dreamed of the moment you walk down the aisle? The staff at the location are happy to think along how best to set up the ceremony, so that you can simply experience your dream moment! Do you walk alone, with your father or with your partner? Then it may be that the carpet has to be a little wider. Of course it is also possible to approach from another side.


What is a perfect wedding car to arrive at your wedding? Think of unique vintage cars, special bicycles or luxury limos! Plenty of prom car hire ideas to choose from. Limousine transport and wedding rides may continue to be performed in compliance with the guidelines.


If you have booked a musician for the ceremony, the distance must of course also be taken into account. Not to forget: the musicians must also keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Wedding location

Because municipalities themselves have the freedom to enforce and comply with the measures set, we recommend that you contact your current wedding location and / or municipality about the possibilities. It may be that in your municipality you may only get married in the town hall, but it may also mean that you can get married at your chosen wedding location followed by a toast!

Wedding Essentials

During a health crisis, promoting hygiene should be on the list of priorities on your wedding days. Setting up handwashing stations, asking guests to wear masks, and preparing hand sanitizers at strategic corners are only some of the ways you can do this. Instead of the usual stuff, you can hand out hygiene kits as wedding favors. Most brides don’t carry anything except their wedding bouquet when they walk down the aisle but make an exception this time. Carry a wedding purse, containing your hygiene essentials, including a hand sanitizer, a backup mask, and disinfectant wipes. Of course, don’t forget an elegant personalized wedding handkerchief in case you get teary-eyed during the wedding vows.

Toasting from a distance

We should of course not let the toast pass unnoticed. You can do this by clapping together for the newlyweds and then each raising his or her glass of champagne for the couple. Cheers!


Due to hygiene it is necessary that every family has its own pen to write with. An alternative could be that all guests already write something nice at home and bring it with them.

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