Time to take off the Glasses: A look at the options available for glasses wearer

Do you wear glasses? If yes, then you are well-versed with its many challenges – lenses fogging up when you drink your coffee, readjusting them on your nose through the day, cleaning those stubborn fingerprints, forgetting where you kept them (even if they’re right on top of your head), needing to change them up for contacts when you want to wear that cute party dress and of course, the nerd stereotypes.

If you’ve had enough and want to explore life without the ‘curse of the spectacle’, read on.

But I love my glasses

Firstly, you might be one of those people who love their glasses. It may be part of your signature look, and you may not feel the need to let them go for any occasion at all. If so, then congratulations, because you have discovered the secret to happiness. The truth is, embracing yourself for needing ocular aid is a great idea. You needn’t choose the most inconspicuous, slim, rimless pair of glasses you can find. Instead, go for a bold frame with oodles of character, experiment with new frames after every few years or sooner, and most importantly, own it.

If this isn’t your style, you’ve always got contact lenses.

Contacts are your invisible friend

Once you get over the “ick” factor of having to open up your eye and put the lens onto your eyeball, contacts can become a thing of joy.  You can also easily buy a pair online! You can choose a variety of options at https://www.contactlenses.co.uk. Moreover, there’s no more manual messing around because contacts pretty much stay in place through the day and don’t require much nudging or adjustment. When you’re a contact lens wearer, a good lens solution is more like a handy solution for life, keeping your eye lubricated and protecting the lens too.

There are still associated hazard and risks to deal with, from nasty eye infections caused by improper hygiene while handling the lenses, to losing the lens somewhere in your eye or accidentally falling asleep without taking them out to wake up to very painful dry eyes. You also need to remember which power is meant for each eye, or you might end up switching the two. Torn lenses can be a huge hassle, and handling them with long nails or leaving your lens solution at home aggravates matters.

The ultimate answer to all problems associated with the annoyance caused by glasses and lenses is a laser surgery called LASIK.

Behold the magic of laser

Laser eye surgery has been increasing in popularity in the recent years with a large number of people opting for the quick procedure that permanently corrects your vision. Yes, it lasts forever. While it takes only a day and you can return home immediately, a number of strict precautions are necessary to ensure a full and smooth recovery until your eyes can once again adjust to natural light. While it is an expensive surgery, the cost seems to be worth it because of the precise technological intervention that fixes your eyesight without any abrasion or pain. Life is back to normal almost immediately other than avoiding glare from the sun, your television or computer for a few weeks. It is always good to find a local expert you can trust, so for example if you live in Texas, find your LASIK practice in Dallas and don’t be afraid to go for a consultation. It may change the way you look at eye care.

Vision problems can be taken care of through a variety of means. Glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery all have their pros and cons. But remember that change is the key to finding a solution, and with LASIK, restoring a 20-20 vision has never been easier.

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