Time to Spring Clean your Skin

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The winter months can be tough on skin, causing it to feel dry, irritated and overly sensitive. The combination of changes in temperatures, heating and over-cleansing, can leave the skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. When skin is exposed to so much dryness and irritation, it ages quicker, creating fine lines well before they are due.

skin feeling, skin care Gentle cleansing can help prevent moisture-loss in the skin, and our Aloe Soft Skin Cleansing Cream is ideal for shaking off those winter blues.  Made from pure plant extracts it works hard to cleanse & nourish the skin, without exposing it to any harsh, irritating foaming agents, synthetic fragrances or essential oils. The blend of 89% organic ingredients gently but effectively removes make-up and daily impurities to leave a clean, fresh complexion that doesn’t feel tight or sensitive.

Soothing aloe vera, vitamin e, shea butter and coconut oil have long been used in skincare thanks to their deeply nourishing properties.  Their versatile nature helps to make this cleanser suitable for all skin types, but it is particularly kind to dry, sensitive and mature complexions.  Spring has finally sprung, time to breathe life back into your skin with Aloe Soft Skin Cleansing Cream

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