Time Resistance aims to revolutionize the way you see your handbag

doctor bag

By now we are all aware of the negative impact that fast-fashion has on the world. But there is one more aspect to it that is overlooked – how the „here-today, gone-tomorrow“ attitude towards our possessions destroys the romance of the things we own becoming mementos, storytellers of the days gone by.

Have you ever gone to your grandparent’s attic as a child? Didn‘t it look like a magical place where the past is sealed and preserved? Every box had the promise of mystery, unlocking a story never told.  You didn’t know what you might find, but you were sure it would be something special and cherished.

Time Resistance is a young leather handbag brand that urges to employ such attitude towards the bag that you carry: invest in quality that will last for decades and then allow it to gather traces of your life, becoming the embodiment of your personal story.


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