Tick your Checklist before Splurging on a Designer Handbag

Designer handbags are plenty in the market and they cost a bomb. Many women have dreamt of owning their very own designer bag. A designer bag makes a style statement because of the iconic brand, stunning design and high quality materials used.

Online shopping sites in UAE offer a multitude of designer bags that include Guess, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and lots more.

When you have saved a decent amount to invest in a designer handbag it’s in your best interests to make a checklist before you buy handbags in UAE.











Before buying a handbag you have to give serious thought to what occasion you will wear it. Is it for everyday purpose or for special occasions? Finding the ideal handbag for a particular occasion is not as easy unless you remember simple rules.  Look at your ensemble as a whole. If you want to draw attention to your handbag, then teaming a bright red glitzy handbag with a black dress would be ideal. But if you are wearing a shiny dress then team it up with neutral toned handbag or the same colour as the dress.


Here is it is crucial to consider if the handbag will fulfil the use it’s intended for. For example you are going for a job interview you would need a designer handbag that easily carries all your important documents like portfolio, resume, reference letters and so forth. Whilst your designer bags should be highly functional, it should also showcase your unique style.


Ask yourself whether the designer bag will carry everything you need. Whether it will all fit in easily. Is it a messenger bag or a big tote hold all bag? Depending on the purpose you are going to use it for, the relevant handbag should be chosen. If you are going to carry lots of stuff, the Guess white Delany classic tote bag is a sophisticated fit.


This is wholly your choice, if you don’t mind digging deep into your bag to search for your mobile or purse then a Marla London hobo bag is perfect. But if you prefer to see things when you open your bag then you should opt for a wide and baguette shaped bag like the RI2K black Arlington handheld bag will do.


Yes believe it or not the handles of a handbag are important to consider. If you like holding the bag on your arm or shoulder. Short handles are great if you like carrying the bag unto your handles. Something like the Guess white confidential chain logo satchel bag with short handles.  If you need a bag to fit it up your shoulder then a bag with narrow handles to fit in to your forearm and slide up to your shoulder then opt for the Tommy Hilfiger Blue Khaki shoulder bag is a perfect match.


This is the most important criteria to consider. Question is if you can afford it? Is it worth to spend so much money on a handbag? Will it last for at least two years? Does the price tag warranty the quality and design of the handbag? Designer handbags do comes at affordable prices, it’s not that all bags are out of your reach. Coach neon mini Cora domed satchel retails at 599AED.


When you are spending your hard earned money on a designer handbag you should think what about a colour that is blend in with your wardrobe. Ig your clothes and accessories are mostly neutrals colours like brown, black, grey or tan then choose a neutral toned bag . You can try the David Jones camel colour satchel or the Guess Cognac Grayson status carryall.

Love at first sight

This is a crucial point to ponder on because usually the best buys are the handbags bought from an immediate love at first sight. You see so many handbags and there is one special one that immediately grabs your heart.

Trendy always

Are you particular about being the trend setter? One step ahead of others in fashion then you need to consider if the designer handbag will retain its style quotient for the next session or will it go out of fashion. If you want your handbag to be trendy throughout several seasons then opt for one that is stylish and trendy for many seasons to come.

Designer handbags are a class apart from the high street bags because of their iconic brand and high quality of materials used in making the bag. A good designer bag flaunts a high quality inner lining of silk, leather, thick nylon or string cotton.  Since designer handbags are extremely expensive you should take extra care to keeping it new for a longer time.

Shopping Websites in UAE offers all iconic designer bag brands in different styles and prices to suits everyone’s budget.

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    Ouu these were some great tips!! For now, I think I’ll keep buying normal priced bags just cause if they get ruined, I won’t cry as much… :p hahahaha


    Xoxo Jessy

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