Tick Them Off Your Shopping List: Discover the Fashion Must-Haves this Winter


Yes, we know it’s summertime, but we’ve just gotta ask. Is your wardrobe ready for winter? Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to plan your cold weather outfits. In the interest of style and coziness for all, we are pleased to present the following check list of wintertime must-haves.

Go for the classics

Skinny jeans and a class wool coat are wintertime wardrobe essentials, explains fashion blogger JoLynn Shane. If you think skinny jeans or jeggings are not right for your body type, think again. Step into a pair of ultra-fluffy faux rabbit boots to balance a pearish bod. Bulkier boots are just right in wintertime, anyway.

A classic -and classy- warm winter coat can take you anywhere you want to go. Commute to work in comfort with a cozy coat to keep you warm on the way. And don’t think you have to stick with drab browns and grays. A long black winter coat speaks of utmost class and superior warmth, too.

A great wool coat can be thrown on over your jeans and boots for a snappy cold weather look. Be sure to drape a substantial scarf around your neckline to eschew chilly winds.

Wonderful and wooly

When pulling together your winter wardrobe, don’t skimp on sweaters. Turtlenecks, cardigans, and uneven hem sweaters are super easy to wear with practically any wintery outfit. If wool makes you itch, slip into a silken camisole before donning your duds. Sweaters pair perfectly with pants and boots. Slip on a pair of pretty boot toppers to add pizazz and panache to your cold weather look. You can shop for boot toppers online.

When you’re planning your December style, don’t forget winter hats and gloves. If your head and hands are warm, the rest of you is sure to follow. Opt for hand-knit cloche style hats, felt berets, and snappy ski hats. Beanies and floppy hats provide a cute cool weather look, as well. If you use your phone a lot (and who doesn’t these days) invest in a pair or two of tech gloves that expose your fingertips for easy device manipulation.

Cold weather styling

Despite the fact that it’s freezing outside, you don’t have to stow your flirty summer outfits until next summer. You can show off a cute dress no matter how brisk the weather if you do it the right way. To make your favorite summery dress wintery warm, build layers. Leggings, scarves, boot toppers, and tights add panache while providing heat-retaining  layers, say style mavens at Gurl magazine. If you’re not fond of wearing tights, pull on a cute pair of over-the-knee ribbed socks before you don your winter boots.

The changing seasons offer ample opportunity to show your individual style. Wear the garments that make you feel good, and add layers when you want to warm things up. Watch your step on the ice, but hold your head high and strut your style in wintertime.


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