Three Top Fashion Tips Men Should Know

Those who write about fashion always tend to focus on the trends and styles that are developing for women, leaving male fashion innovation as a neglected area or, at least, written about in such a way that it is not appealing to the average the man looking to revamp his style. Well, this stops here. No matter whether your knowledge of fashion and style is next to nothing, or reasonably well refined, this little guide will introduce you to three top tips you need to know as a young, fashion-conscious man so that you can start changing up your style and dressing to impress. Learning how to curate your own, unique style is essential to let people know the kind of person you are in both your professional and personal life as it is the way you look that people will first form their opinions of you, so you will always want to get off on the right foot.

Starting simple

If finding your own style is something new to you, then it is best to start simply and use some easy fashion tips to get you started. Doing simple things such as swapping your graphic t-shirts for simple patterns or block colors will immediately make you come across more mature.

Working with what you have already

In recent times, facial hair for men has become far more complex than simply either having a beard or being clean shaven, with many young men using their beards as an extension of their self-expression and fashion identity. If you want to dive headfirst into exploring your fashion potential, then a great place to start is by finding out the most fashionable beard styles in 2018. By finding the perfect beard style, you will be able to have a head start on looking your best every day. A great way to get you started is to invest in some grooming products like beard oil and mustache wax so you can keep your beard in good condition and tame any of those flyaway hairs.

You can never go wrong if you go designer

The fashion house Balenciaga is one designer brand you need to get well acquainted with. Originating in France, this haute couture house is known for its innovation on the fashion industry through its use of sculptural design and dedication to pushing fashion into the modern, breaking away from the tropes of classic styles. Balenciaga is perfect for those who look for fashion that is a little bit more experimental and always leading the way in the fashion industry and a great way to introduce yourself to the world of high fashion.

Knowing your fashion brands will give you a head start you need into creating your own luxury style that will impress all of those around you. Finding your own style will increase your confidence and meaning you make a great first impression when meeting people due to your well turned out appearance.


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