Three Secrets to Your Brightest Eyes

Nothing creates that youthful, luminous face we all covet like bright eyes. This radiant, slept-for-ten-hours-last-night look can be one of the trickiest to pull off, though. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could send ourselves on a rejuvenating tropical vacation every time we spot those dark, under-eye circles? Easier said than done. Fortunately, there’s a host of amazing beauty products on the market that will give you an out-of-office look without using up your p.t.o. Consider adding the following, easy-to-use products into your beauty routine to create your own luminous look today.

  1. A pair of full, natural-looking lashes.
    This product may sound like the highest maintenance of the bunch, but it’s actually just the opposite. Applying a pair of lashes that blends seamlessly into your lash line will make your eyes look more open and awake than all your other products combined—and you’ll be able to skip the liner and mascara. Vaniteux Lashes, a new luxury lash line, makes single-layer and double-layer lashes with 100% mink to make your lashes look longer and fuller. Launching in September, Vaniteux Lashes will be the go-to brand for natural, effortless looking lashes you can wear anytime you want that radiant look.
  2. An overnight treatment.
    Pat a moisturizing gel or serum underneath your eyes and by the side of your lids before bed. Choose a product meant to smooth and de-puff your under-eye area. Products that have caffeine will increase blood flow to the area and drastically reduce puffiness. You’ll wake up with noticeably smoother and brighter eyes.
  3. A good under-eye concealer.
    To make your under-eye circles disappear in a moment’s time, find an under-eye concealer with light-diffusing particles. Look for products with a silky-smooth consistency that won’t cake onto your skin. By concealing any darkness around your under-eye area and emitting a luminous glow in the process, a good concealer will erase bags and dark circles all day long.

While there’s no substitute for your fantasy vacation, these products are your next best hope for a flawlessly luminous look. Try adding even one of these tricks into your routine, and your co-workers will think you just returned from Tahiti.

To experience the transformative power of a great pair of lashes, follow Vaniteux Lashes Instagram at for updates on their September launch.


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