Three Ideas If You Want to Start Your Own Online Business In 2018

online business

For many people, having their own business is something they have been dreaming of, or even planning, for some time. Whether you want your new venture to be your main source of income, a secondary income to add to your job, or a money making hobby you can do while you’re a stay at home parent, there are lots of ways you can start-up a small business on the web. The only hard part is deciding what you’d like to do!

Here are just three of the options available to you if you want to create an online business and start on the path to success in 2018!


Many people who work for themselves online simply market themselves as freelancers using skills they already possess. There is a lot of demand online for people who can fulfil one-off or even longer term projects on a freelance basis, and it allows you to work from home and decide how much work you take on – making it a good secondary income or job to work around family commitments, as well as a possible full time option if you can win enough clients.

Things you can do as a freelancer include online content writing, editing, translation, graphic design, programming, website design, and even more specialist things like data analysis. If you don’t feel you have the skills yet to do any of these things, admin skills like data entry or working as a virtual assistant can also be a good choice, and you can also train to learn new skills online so you can offer more and more services.


Ecommerce businesses can also be a great option, and can be relatively easy to set up as websites. Companies like Eventige can create your own custom implementation of a fully featured ecommerce platform, and tailor it to the branding you want for your online shop.

This can be a good choice if you are someone with a lot of knowledge in a niche and can create a good catalog of related products you can source, or if you are someone who has developed their own invention or makes hand made products they’d like to sell.

Affiliate Marketing

A third online business idea which can be a great sideline, is to run a blog that works with affiliate marketing programs. Essentially, you build up your blog by writing great content (video blogs are also an option if you don’t like writing), and within your content talk about products sold by the companies you are affiliated with, including links. When your readers visit the sites and buy the items, you are paid commission for bringing in those sales. You can join large scale affiliate programs with businesses like Amazon, or work with smaller, niche companies that sell items relevant to a topic you’d like to blog about.

Any of these three ideas can lead to big things, so if you are itching to start your own venture, then why not start planning to set up your business in 2018?

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