Three Best Perks To Working From Home

Working from home last year was a thing for only bosses and executives who had the privilege of being able to work from the comfort of their own homes. Although, working from home has become a trend during 2020 mainly as many of us office workers have been forced to work from home due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. However, many bosses and employees have seen both positives and negatives from this working from home period and today we discuss the best perks to working from home for employees.

The main bonus to working from home for employees is that many have been able to save money due to the fact that they are no longer commuting to and from work. This has enabled them to now just save money on petrol and train tickets, but also general wear and tear on their vehicle which would happen during their commute to work e.g. brakes and tyre wear. Employees are therefore seeing more disposable income for them to use at their disposal.

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Moreover, due to not commuting, employees also have the time that they are now saving from not travelling to work. This ensures that they can spend more time working rather than wasted whilst travelling meaning they are able to be more flexible with their hours and use their added time to be able to be more efficient at work with them either being able to start early and finish early or start later and still able to finish on time.

Furthermore, to this, many employees have been using this added time in their date to put it into something more productive to be able to work on themselves. Many have been broadcasting their fitness drive during this lockdown with many doing more exercise due to this added time including running or cycling to enable them to get fit.

And finally, with this extra time and on the same wavelength as their fitness goals, they have now been able to pick up other new activities such as cooking to enable a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t just good for their body, but also good for their mental health as a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in many different ways.

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