Things You Need to Need to Know About Cartier Watches

Cartier is one of the leading brands in the watchmaking industry alongside Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. For most watch enthusiasts, they consider their watches as the jeweler to kings and the king of jewelers. It simply means that the brand offers timepieces that can symbolize royalty and prestige. So if you would like to wear a watch that is easily recognizable even by ordinary people, then Cartier is for you. The reasons watch collectors invest in Cartier watches are because of their 100% brand recognition, unwavering reputation, and high-quality materials.

Are you looking for a timepiece to add to your growing collection of watches? Why not consider buying the Cartier Panthere? If you want to know more about its history, as well as its models before making purchase decisions, then keep on reading.

The history of Cartier

Throughout the entire watchmaking experience of the company, it manufactured several notable wristwatches, such as Cartier Panthere, Tank Louis Cartier, and Santos De Cartier. During its humble beginnings, it was just a destination for bespoke jewelry and timepieces. But how did it become one of the most highly regarded watchmakers today? Continue reading to know what it went through in the past decades.

Establishing its presence in the watchmaking industry

It was in 1847 that Louis-Francois Cartier founded a company in Paris, France that he named after him. Its target market was the elite in the society so it only crafted extravagant timepieces. When his son and grandsons entered the business, they brought new ideas on how to expand the company’s offerings. By the 20th century, Cartier designed its first wristwatch for men which was the Santos with features that can address the needs of the pilots. The company derived its name from Alberto Santos-Dumont, the pioneer in aviation. After four years of its release, Cartier partnered with Edmond Jaeger from Jaeger-LeCoultre. It became its official supplier of watch movements. During this time, the company had an increasing presence in the global market.

Continuous success in the 20th century

The company became so successful in the 20th century that other watchmakers tried to imitate its timepieces. It adopted a strategy to combat this problem which was to create more reference numbers for their watches. However, it faced major changes when the founder’s grandson died in 1994. Since there were no other family members interested in running the business, they sold it to a group of investors led by Joseph Kanoui in 1972. Even with the new management, the success of the company continued, and it even expanded its collection in the 1980s.

The present condition of Cartier

In the 21st century, Cartier was still one of the most successful watch companies worldwide. It launched new collections one after the other, such as Roadster in 2002 and Santos 100 in 2004. It launched the latter as part of the model’s hundredth anniversary. For 174 years, it has a reputation that other companies can’t be on par with. Its unique timepieces and commitment to innovation allowed it to be highly regarded in the watch industry.

Cartier’s Best wristwatches

Cartier Tank watches

The Cartier tank watches have a rectangular case that captures the heart of most watch collectors. Not only is it a comfortable everyday dress watch but it can also improve a person’s style through its retro-inspired aesthetics. It is available in various colors, namely steel, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. In terms of movement, you can choose from automatic or quartz versions. This collection has a lot to offer, such as Tank Solo and Tank Louis models for those who love classic designs. Aside from this, you might also want to check out the highly coveted 18k yellow gold quartz-powered models.

Santos de Cartier

As mentioned earlier, the company designed the Santos de Cartier a century ago to become the watches for pilots. Hence watch collectors consider it as the pioneers of the air. It features a square shape case made from stainless steel with hours that are in Roman numerals and exposed screws on the bezel and bracelet. After launching the first Santos Cartier, Alberto Santos-Dumont used it in his public flight in 1906. Just recently, the company manufactured in-house another version of the collection but this time it has perfectly rounded edges to give it a more fluid look. There are many models designed for both men and women. Since this collection tells so much about the company’s rich heritage, collectors willingly buy one for themselves. It has quartz and automatic versions that are available for both men and women.

Calibre de Cartier

The Calibre de Cartier contains entry-level timepieces. Therefore, if you are buying a luxury watch for the first time, it is best to choose one from this collection. All of its models have different complications. You can purchase the version with tourbillons to have a watch with highly accurate in-house developed movements. Another option for you is the model with a perpetual calendar. It is the type of complication that displays the day of the week, date of the month, leap years, and moon phases best for people who want to keep track of their busy schedules. In terms of the overall appearance, the Calibre de Cartier is oozing with elegance when worn, making it a must-have for professionals and businessmen. It is also a great investment watch as it can retain its original value for the years to come. It means that when you can sell the model at a later time, you can earn more than what you paid for.

Cartier Panthere

The company made Cartier Panthere to pay tribute to Jeanne Toussaint’s iconic panther ring. Even though there is a high demand for this collection, it is no longer manufactured today, making it a sturdy investment. In terms of its shape, you can choose from rectangular to round versions that are both available in gold and steel. When you buy one from this collection, expect that it will feature extravagant gemstones and precious metals.

In A Nutshell

Cartier does not lose its popularity because it continuously innovates its timepieces. It makes sure that all of its manufactured watches have serious artistic expression. Now is the time to visit to buy a long-lasting and recognizable Cartier wristwatch!

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