Things to pack in your maternity hospital bag

It is evident you are waiting eagerly for the day you will hold the baby in your arms. You have been feeling him kick in your womb, but still, you will be more than excited to meet him. It will be your first day to hold the baby and see him cry and perhaps smile after a few days. How are you planning to go to the hospital for your delivery? What will you carry? Do you have a maternity hospital bag already? Here are the items you should pack in your hospital bag.


Even when you are not or sick, wearing a sweater is vital for your health. Once you are admitted at to hospital, you will be wearing the hospital suits that will not provide enough warmth for you.  Consider packing some socks and sweater in your bag. Carrying clothes that will keep you warm in those cold days or hours you will be at the hospital will help you to be comfortable.

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Comfortable nightwear

A hospital dress is nice to wear and soft. However, they are not of good standards. You need to hold the dress using a cord that ties at your back. After giving birth, you will need to have comfortable gowns to wear. You will be resting for few days before you are set free to go. Ensure to pack clothes in your maternity hospital bag that will make it easy for the baby to breastfeed. Not will out be comfortable but also your baby.


You need to be clean more than ever, before and after giving birth.  You will not be given everything at the hospital. Pack your body spray and your facial cosmetics for quick makeup every day you will spend at the hospital. Jut by giving birth does not mean you will neglect yourself. You will need to apply some lip balm and other facials that will make you keep looking good as before.

Baby clothes

You are going to the hospital to bring a baby. You will come home with a naked baby. You have already bought some baby clothes; remember to pack them in your hospital bag as well. Don’t pack clothes hard to put on your baby as they might hurt her delicate condition. Remember to pack the baby’s sock because he is just a new guest to this environment he will need something to him warm as he continues to adapt.


Remember to pack the baby diapers. It is good to prepare before your baby comes. Diapers should be the first things to pack in your hospital bag. It will help you to avoid staining your clothes and those of the baby.

Your hospital bag should be full of the things you will need to get admitted to the hospital such as ID card and hospital records. You will also need to carry some disposable underwear that you will after birth. If you have the cash, don’t forget to pack a gift for the hospital nurses. It will make them feel appreciated.

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