Things To Do In Rome


Rome is a magnificent city boasting thousands of years of history and visitor attractions that go on for days. Whether you are staying in Rome for a short city break, or you are there for longer on a vacation – perhaps as part of a European tour – there are some sights that should not be missed. So, when in Rome, these are the things to see.

The Colosseum

Colossal by name, colossal by nature, the Colosseum has the honor of being the world’s biggest Amphitheatre – it’s a title that it has held since it was built in 70AD, and nothing looks set to change that. This is the ultimate symbol of Roman power and prestige, this is the place where gladiators fought, and where lions and humans battled. As a tourist in the city, if you don’t walk through this ancient stadium, you truly are missing out. Once upon a time it was covered in marble, but even if its looks have changed, the atmosphere within it has not.

Trevi Fountain

It is likely that you have seen images of the Trevi Fountain in books, on postcards, on the television, perhaps even in films. It is remarkable, and unique. This is an example of Baroque art at its finest, and the winged horses, the gleaming tritons, the snakes that twist and turn around the fountain are all stunning. Its huge, and it will take your breath away. Be sure to throw some coins in and make a wish – everyone else does. In fact, this fountain takes around €2000 every week, and that money is gathered up to fund a special supermarket for those on low incomes.

The Vatican

There is so much to see inside Vatican City that booking onto the best Vatican tour you can find is always a good option. That way you won’t miss anything when exploring this, the smallest country in the world. What is there to see within the Vatican? This is where the Sistine Chapel is located, with its beautiful and world-famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo. There is more to the chapel than that, though, so don’t bypass the Roman sculptures that are dotted around either – look up, but don’t forget to look around. The Gallery of Maps is another popular tourist destination, as are the many museums.

Outside, you will want to see the Basilica, one of the largest churches ever built – this is where the papal tombs are found, and if you have the stamina for it, you can climb 871 steps to the top of the dome. It’s worth it for the views over Rome. In front of the church is St Peter’s Square, and it is from there that you can enjoy an audience with the Pope every Wednesday – book your tickets in advance if this is something you want to take part in.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was once a temple, and it has been transformed into a church – the Corinthian style columns are enormous, and they really are a feat of engineering. It’s worth going when the sun is streaming through the oculus (circular opening), between around 11am and 1pm, to get the full – beautiful – effect.



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