Things To Consider Before You Undergo En bloc Capsulectomy

To settle back to their original position for a more natural appearance, an en bloc capsulectomy withdraws the implant and the capsule, at the same time, allowing the breast tissue and muscles. You could get a breast en bloc capsulectomy by Sadeghi Plastic Surgery and here are some things to consider before you undergo en bloc capsulectomy since this is the most complicated option for breast implant removal.

What is en bloc capsulectomy?

The procedure in which the scar tissue around the implant, known as the breast capsule, is removed in one piece with the implant enclosed within it is what an en bloc capsulectomy is. It prevents the implant from coming in contact with the normal tissues that were left behind.

The whole procedure takes more time, more difficult lighting, more effort to retract adjacent tissue, and more meticulous attention to detail since the capsule could be lost than a millimeter thick and easy to tear. A larger incision must often be used than was made to place the implant in order to get around it.

The capsule that was implanted must be teased away from the adjacent tissues, it may be from the breast, muscles, or rib, which can cause more damage to structures left behind so you might feel sorer than after simple implant removal and you are more likely to have bleeding.

Surgeons would leave drains in place to prevent fluid from accumulating as a result of the additional trauma. If you choose to replace the implant, it would be more difficult to control where the implant ends up because of the lack of scar tissues that were left behind.

Who Is Qualified to Undergo En bloc capsulectomy?

●     Change in preference

  • Women undergo en bloc capsulectomy when they suddenly prefer a more natural look, a smaller breast size, as they simply do not want implants any longer.

●     Capsular contracture

  • Sometimes, there could be an excessive and painful tightening of the scar tissue capsule that would naturally form around the breast implant.

●     BIA-ALCL

  • This is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that is associated with certain kinds of textured implants.

●     Rapture implant

  • Whether your implant is saline or silicone, an implant’s shell could rupture, resulting in needing it to be removed.

●     Breast implant illness

  • There is a broad range of systematic symptoms thought to possibly be related to a woman’s breast implants.

●     Implant displacement

  • There could be some times where your implant would feel asymmetry and have an unnatural contour because of unwanted movement or the shifting of the implant.

Advantages of having an En bloc capsulectomy

  • Ability to sleep in a prone position
  • Feeling the natural softness of your breasts
  • Being able to wear more comfortable bras
  • Renewed and better image of your body
  • Being more comfortable in your own skin
  • The ability to participate in strenuous activities without discomfort
  • More streamline form and silhouette

Types of Capsulectomy

1.    Capsulectomy

Capsulectomy is a procedure that would fix the capsular contracture and remove only a part of the scar tissue.

2.    Total Capsulectomy

When you get a total capsulectomy, they would remove all of the scar tissues, including the ones around the implant along the ribs and lungs. The surgeons would remove the implants first, and then they would remove all of the capsule tissue. This procedure could be done open and closed.

Open capsulectomy – this features a capsule being partially or completely taken out through an incision within the breast area.

Closed capsulotomy – the surgeon would break down the capsule tissue while they leave the implant in place, having a greater risk of rupturing the implant.

How will I look after implant removal surgery?

Knowing what you could possibly look like after an en bloc capsulectomy is a difficult question to answer because how the appearance of your breast would be[end on the size relative to the implant, the degree of skin elasticity that remains, and the degree to which the breast tissue has been displaced over time. This would depend on these physical factors and how a woman would perceive their “new” breasts in the context of how she feels about her body now and when the implants were placed.

When you are planning on getting an en bloc capsulectomy, it is really important to make these decisions with your surgeon, since they are the people who understand what you would expect and what other people like you have experienced.

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