Things That Make You Love And Hate Why Dog Eats Dirt

dog eats dirt

Are you trying fighting your dog off its dirt eating habits? And no matter how you try your pet can’t keep off and you are wondering why doesn’t he listen? You might be having a hard time trying to stop your dog from eating dirt but also in trying to understand why a dog eats dirt. It can be worrying to every pet owner to see their dog eat dirt especially when you imagine what is contained in it.

When a dog eats dirt or another item that is inappropriate it is referred to as PICA. PICA is the habit of dog eating dirt and sometimes grass along with it. You do not have to worry; it is not a big problem at all. This piece will evaluate some pointers that will give you an understanding of why a dog eats dirt.

  1. Is Your dog Eating a dog Quality Food?

Experts theorize this as the main reason why a dog eats dirt. You find a lot of food that we give our dogs do not contain enough nutrients. This is because a lot of commercial foods for dogs are deficient in fundamental nutrients. Just because that your dog food is sold at the local pet food store does not mean is a quality food. This problem can be solved by disposing of the dog food you are feeding it and going for a much better quality food.

  1. Stomach Problem

If you find that your dog eats dirt and then tries to throw up something. It might be an indication that it is trying to get rid of something bad from its stomach. In fact, most dogs eat grass and the dirt that it goes with often to help them relieve gastric distresses by swallowing grass, which enables them to vomit.

In conclusion, if you find that your dog is a dirt eater out of habit, boredom or perhaps for whatever reason, then you need to break the habit. You can do this by restricting them from going out or limiting their time out without you. In fact, you should always accompany your dog when out so that you can be to control its habits.

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