These Are the Different Types of Boots for Men and Women

The country boot has a controversial history. Footwear historians disagree about where these different types of boots originated, whether it was in Texas or by a Colorado cowboy.

Wherever the country boot got its start, one thing’s for sure: the cowboy boot is now a staple in American fashion.

Are you ready to find your perfect country boot? Keep reading for our top five.

Western Boots

Western boots are easily identifiable by their pointed toes, 1– to 2–inch heels, and tall 12-inch boot shafts. Many country boots also feature a rubber or leather sole. Some Western boots come with metal toe boxes to protect against horse hooves.

Cowboys and ranch hands brought these boots into popularity. Today, you can still find modern variations of the old-fashioned Western boot. However, they often cost a pretty penny since they’re made of full leather.

Work Boots

If you’re looking for a more affordable and practical boot, the classic work boot is your guy. These boots have lower heels, often less than 1 inch high. This makes work boots perfect for all-day walking or working.

Work boots are typically made of sturdy cowhide. They come with tractioned rubber soles that’ll keep you from slipping when you transition indoors. As you can see, work boots are more about functionality than they are style.

Riding Boots

While you can ride in Western and work boots, there’s only one type of boot meant for saddling up: the riding boot. Riding boots feature 1-inch or higher heels that are engineered at an angle. The angled heel keeps the foot sturdy in the stirrup.

Unlike work boots and most Western boots, riding boots have untextured leather soles. Originally meant for rodeos and horse shows, the riding boot has become a staple in many casual wardrobes, too.

Roping Boots

Roping boots are a modern variation on the old Western-style boot. They feature rounded toes instead of pointed ones and shorter heels. They also have a lower, tighter shaft to support quick movements required during calf roping.

Since roping boots are designed for rough wear, they’re also perfect for long rides or walks across challenging terrain.

Fashion Boots

Western boots have become such a staple in American wardrobes, they’ve even entered the realm of fashion. Designers create modern variations on the Western boot with new materials like snakeskin, lizard, and alligator skin. Many companies will even customize your Western boots to whatever style you prefer.

Keep in mind that the fashion Western boots you find on the market today are solely made for style. Don’t expect to wear your stylish new boots for a long ride or out on the farm.

Pick Up One of These Different Types of Boots Today!

When it comes to country boots, you can’t go wrong with these five classics. Worker, roper, and riding boots are perfect for the ranch. Meanwhile, fashion boots and Western boots are best suited for showing your style in the streets.

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