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The monitoring and spy software have become a significant part of the infrastructure of the modern businesses. Meanwhile, the parents are using some sort of mobile phone and computer spy apps to monitor and manage the digital behavior of the children. These spy apps enable the employers to monitor their workers with an aim to prevent them from needless processes and poor handling of company data and assets. The parents can track the digital devices of their children to be aware of their activities and to safeguard them from the online dangers of bullying, child predation, sexually explicit content, sexting and online sex crimes.

How does the Spy App Work?

First, you need to choose a spy application that perfectly suits you and is according to your needs. There are scores of spy applications that are intended for the employers and parents to track the mobile phones and computers of employees and offspring. TheOneSpy is one of those tracking apps. It is a multi-platform monitoring app that is compatible with Android and Apple phones as well as the Windows and MAC computers. Once the app is installed on the target cell phone or computer, it enables the end-user to remotely monitor the data saved on the device and send commands to remotely control certain functions of the device.

Features of the Spy App

TheOneSpy offers numerous features to track the targeted mobile phone and computer. We have listed down the core features of the spy app to give you an insight of the tracking software.

Monitor Messages

The cell phone spy app lets you read the messages received and transmitted from the target cell phone. The app accesses the messages saved on the phone and uploads them to TOS account from where parents can read these messages and see the contact details of the message sender and receiver.

Spy on Calls

The phone calls received and made from the target phone get recorded and uploaded to the TOS account. The parents can listen to all the incoming and outgoing phone calls and see the details of the caller and recipient. Moreover, the spy app also offers call interception to block incoming calls from unwanted or unknown sources.

Track Social Media

The popular instant messaging and social networking apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, IMO and Zalo can be tracked with cell phone spy app. The messages exchange and the media files shared via these apps get uploaded to an online account of the spy app. As well as reading the social media chats, the parents can also see whom their children are in contact with on social media.

Monitor Internet

The cell phone, computer and windows monitoring software also enables monitoring the internet use of children and employees. You can see what are the websites frequently visited and at what times.

Screen Recording

The monitoring software lets you record every activity performed on the monitored cell phone and computer. You can send a command to the spy app to capture screenshots or make a short video on Android phones and MAC computers to let you know what is happening on these devices.

Track Surroundings

The surround recording is among the most advanced features of the spy app. As well as monitoring the phone and computer activities, you can track the activities happening in the vicinity of the monitored devices. You can send a command to the spy app to turn on the camera or microphone of the targeted computer or cell phone to see and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds.

Track GPS Location

The spy app lets you know the whereabouts of your children and remote workers. The GPS location tracker feature of the spy app keeps you updated about the location of the target device. Also, it lets you mark several locations to be informed of the entrance and departure of the target device from the marked zones.

Monitor Emails and Keystrokes

The emails received and made from the target device can be read without getting that device. Also, the email addresses of the email sender and receiver can also be seen. The spy app also stores the keystrokes of username and passwords of the online and email accounts operated on the targeted devices.

Remotely Control Phone and Apps

The cell phone monitoring app enables parents to control the apps installed on the targeted phone. You can block and uninstall unwanted applications right from the TOS account. Also, you can lock and unlock the target phone. The spy app lets you block texting and internet access during driving to prevent your children from using their mobile phones during rash driving.

There are many other ways the cell phone and computer spy app provides support for kids and employee monitoring. Hope you would have found this article helpful in understanding the functioning of TheOneSpy monitoring software review.


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