The Ultimate Guide to Your Next Routine Dental Checkup

A significant part of preventative dental care is getting routine dental exams. Also known as “checkups,” they are when a dentist evaluates your teeth and gums to keep them in the best condition possible.

Why Get a Dental Checkup?

Even though you have a busy personal and professional life, seeing a dentist regularly for cleaning is well worth it. During the visit, the dental professional will assess your risk of developing an oral health issue. By practicing preventative care measures like this one, you can avoid costly and potentially painful things down the road, such as getting a tooth extracted. 

Choose a Family Dentist

If you have kids and find it hard to regularly get to the dentist, don’t give up. Instead, it’s likely wise to choose a family dentist that provides services to both you and your kids. That way, you can book appointments together to conveniently get all your oral health needs met on the same day.

Doing so can save you considerable time, rather than booking an appointment for yourself at one dentist and traveling to a different office another day for your kids. A pediatric dentist in Asheville attends to the oral health of the entire family, including your kids. Plus, your kids will likely appreciate that you are there when they go into the dentist and like that they see the same person as you.

What You Can Expect During the Checkup

Part of the dental exam involves the dentist looking at your risk for conditions relating to your teeth and gums. They do so by checking your face, tongue, rest of the mouth, and neck. The professional is trained to know what warning signs indicate which conditions.

You can also expect to be asked questions about how you regularly care for your teeth. The objective here is to ensure that you understand how to protect your teeth and keep them in great condition and motivate you to do so when leaving the dental office.

A few such questions could be how often you floss your teeth and what type of toothpaste you use. For sensitive teeth, your dentist might recommend that you use a certain type or brand to minimize discomfort and for the sake of your teeth.

How Often to Get a Dental Exam?

The American Dental Association recommends regular visits to the dentist, as often as the dentist suggests doing so. Each dentist tailors that timeline to the needs of the individual dentist.

One factor that affects how often the dental professional says for you to get a checkup is the state of your oral health currently. Another factor is your health history. For example, if you have had significant plaque issues before, the dentist may suggest coming in more frequently than before for cleanings to prevent that from happening again.

A Final Note about Dental Exams

The above details are commonalities shared across dental exams. There will be differences, depending on the dental office, dentist, your current needs, and your health history.

For example, dental x-rays may be necessary for you on your next visit. Schedule your appointment today to find out more.

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