The Types of Boots Every Working Professional Should Know About

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Being on the job as a working professional means you have to dress for your position. In the professional world, it is better to wear clothing that will keep you safe and as comfortable as you can be. Work boots are one of the articles of work attire that you ought to combine with safety and comfort because you need your feet to be protected and comfortable to avoid injury to your feet. Without your feet in good health, you’re kind of screwed in the workplace. Here are five different types of work boots that you should use when you are on the job that will keep your feet safe and comfortable.

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1.) Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots don’t require tying and just have an elastic band at the ankle. This elastic band makes it simple to slip the boot on and off as needed. You can get a pair of Chelsea boots with the additional features of being waterproof or with protective soles and toe guards. Chelsea boots used to be a style staple during the 1960s and they used to be signature horseback riding boots. The Beatles used to wear these boots when they first went on the music scene. Chelsea boots were also used as the boots that the stormtroopers wore in the Star Wars movies. The costume designers just painted some Chelsea boots white. At least the stormtroopers had safe boots in case of one of the closing doors dropped on their foot.

2.) Steel Toe Boots (Workwear Boots)

Steel toe boots have a steel guard in the toes of your boots. This guard helps to keep your toes safe from falling tools, equipment, or whatever else it is that you are handling. These are a good idea if you want to have something that will keep your toes from getting injured. You may also want to get steel toe boots that also have soles that will protect your foot if you step on nails or other sharp pointy objects that might puncture through your boot. Stretch work pants and workwear boots will help to keep you comfortable and safer at the workplace.

3.) Sports Boots

Steel toe boots are clunky and heavy, which can be negative in some work environments where you have to be quick on your feet. A better option for shoewear might be to opt for a sports boot. A sports boot won’t be as protective as a steel toe boot, but they are good for those who need a more flexible and lighter work boot. Sports boots are made to be somewhat like a sports sneaker. They have the flexibility and the strong supportive sole of a sporty sneaker.

4.) Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots are a good type of boot if you work where it’s cold or where your feet get wet very often. Waterproof boots would be a good idea for these types of environments. You may want to get rain boot style boots or just some ankle boots with water-resistant capabilities.

5.) Ankle High Boots

Ankle-high boots are the ideal work boot. Ankle-high boots help to support the ankle. This keeps your ankle protected and supported so you will avoid getting ankle injuries on the job. Ankle injuries can be excruciating and can hurt you for a very long time. Investing in a good pair of ankle high work boots will protect your ankles and your feet from injury.

Even with these five different boot recommendations, these types of boots won’t necessarily be the right fit for you. You should be sure to have your foot properly sized at a work boot store to make sure you get the right size boot. You should try on the boots to see if they feel comfortable for your needs. Walk around a bit in the store to see if the sole and the shoe feels comfortable. Ask the shoe salesperson about all of the features of the boots to be sure it meets all of your requirements for a work boot. Once you buy the boots, you may want to wear them around your home for a few days to really wear them in before you wear them on the job. This will help to make them more comfortable when you use them in the workplace. Once you find the right option of work boot from this list, you can rest assured that your feet will be as safe as possible in your boots.

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