The Top Skin Care Tip of 2021

Skincare, specifically facial skincare, has come a long way over the last few years. It is a market brimming with products and potential, all promising a newer, younger-looking you. Not all of these products and regimes will fulfil the promises they make. You need to choose carefully, and most of all, you need to know how best to care for your own skin.

The top tip of 2021 to help you care more for your skin is the step most often overlooked, left for too late, and very often not done as it should be for the best results. It’s the cleaning or cleansing of the face and neck area. Prior to using your moisturizer or any other wonder creams that you have in your repertoire, you must cleanse. If this is not something you do or have thought of doing, it’s explained in this article why it is so important and why you should start making it part of your daily skincare regime.

Why the Skin Needs Thorough Cleansing

The skin is the body’s outer layer of defense, keeping you protected from germs, allergens, dust, and dirt. It is the largest organ of the body and, as such, needs some specific care and understanding. Skin is made up of a number of layers, with the outer layer being moisturized through the pores. Washing and cleansing the skin allows for the pores to be clear and any dirt and bacteria to be removed from the skin. Once clear and clean, there is a two-way system of protection. First, the skins own pores are able to provide sebum oil to the skin surface and second, the moisturizing and skin care products that you use can actually feed the skin with the ingredients they contain.

Your Cleansing Regime

As mentioned above, washing the skin is the first step in a cleansing regime. This can be done with a very mild antibacterial, perfume, and oil-free soap, but your exact choice will depend on what works best for your skin type. This is best followed by the use of a natural cleanser to provide your skin with further cleansing from the washing process, removing any chemicals from the water and excess soap. Your cleanser must not be too harsh as it may cause abrasion to the skin surface, increasing the chances of an adverse reaction to the moisturizing routine that follows. Try to go as natural and non-toxic as possible. The enzyme cleanser from Osmosis skin care is an example of one such holistic, natural solution to cleanse and rejuvenate. Once cleansed, the skin is ready to be moisturized, and can then face the day, with or without make up.

Keep in mind that this is not the end of the routine. It only ends when you have once again taken the skin back to its natural state and prepared it for its nightly rest. Once the makeup, sun creams, and the day’s dirt has been removed, it’s best to leave the skin to rest in its naturally cleansed state overnight. The natural moisturizers in your skin will then be able to work.

The cleansing regime is the top tip for 2021 because it has been proven that the better you remove dead skin follicles and keep pores open, the more natural oils will feed your skin. This means that you will require less chemical intervention, allowing your skin to be more naturally beautiful. Cleanse and cleanse well; it will have you looking your best and may even save you some money.

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