The Top 5 Most Visited Countries in the World

There’s something to be said for sheep. Now, that may be the most bizarre opening statement you’ve heard this week, but let me explain myself. Sheep travel in packs and they do whatever everyone else is doing, this means safety and comfort. Humans are prone to act like sheep as well, whether it’s inexplicably watching Game of Thrones in droves just because they will get to see breasts and blood, or buying every new make and model of iPhone. Sometimes, however, it’s a benefit to human kind as can be seen with vacations. If everyone is going to the same place, then chances are it’s a good place to be. People don’t vacation in a garbage dumps as it’s not nice, but they do vacation on the French Riviera because it is.


This list comes from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and it should be noted that the figures below are solely tourism, and so business figures won’t interfere here. The figures are for 2014 and show the total amount of international tourists, whether from group holidays, annual family trips, or lone student travellers.


  1. Italy – 48.6 Million

No Surpise that Italy is in the top 10, however I didn’t expect it to make the top 5, but with its amazing lakes and landscape, plus the greatest food in the world, it’s not surprising. I can image a lot of northern Europeans escape down to Italy to get away from the cold and the long nights, which probably explains it’s positioning on this list.


  1. China – 55.6 Million

Again, this is another surprise; however I assume that the majority of China’s tourism comes from other Asian countries. It is popular, however, with students and so that might bump the numbers up. China is really coming into its own in the last couple of decades (still don’t know whether that’s a good thing) and this is reflected in its tourism rankings.


  1. Spain – 65 Million

Chances are this figure is mainly made up of young British people giving themselves alcoholic poisoning in Benidorm. That’s a bit unfair, as Barcelona and Madrid also make excellent tourist destinations with the rich history of Spain; it’s not surprising that it made it onto the list.


  1. The United States – 70 Million

Not surprising at all. America is so varied and large that it makes sense that it’s on this list. I would imagine that the majority of people are flying into LA and New York, but with such amazing cities like New Orleans and Chicago, America is always going to prove a very popular tourist destination. Florida is also a popular destination thanks to themed resorts like Orlando resorts.


  1. France 83.7 Million

I don’t know what I expected to find at number 1, but I don’t think it was France, although I don’t know why. France is one of the most vibrant and exciting countries in the world and Paris is forever going to be an incredibly popular destination with its art galleries, restaurants, and history.



The other 5:

  1. Turkey – 39.8 Million
  2. Germany – 33 Million
  3. The United Kingdom – 32.6 Million
  4. Russia – 29.8 Million (who is vacationing in Russia!?)
  5. Mexico – 29.1 Million

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