The Tech You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

camping trip

A camping trip is supposed to be a break from the modern lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to. It’s a break from cellphones, computers, apps and emails. However, the smart camper knows that technology isn’t only about laptops and computers because there’s a lot of the modern gadgets designed for the nature lovers, campers and hunters. On that note, let’s now take a look at a few gadgets which you must take along on your next camping trip.

Weather Resistant Bag

The very first thing you will need is a weather resistant bag or best survival backpacks to keep all your equipment and food dry while camping outdoors. You cannot trust the weather to be on your side, and in the middle of the woods, a weather resistant bag is a must-have when the heavens open, and you need to keep your possessions dry.

A Hardy Camera

Whether you have plans to hunt, or you just want to take pictures of the wild animals you may encounter on your camping trip, hardy cameras are perfect for taking outdoor shots as they have excellent imaging capabilities and are completely weather resistant. Make sure you read up on digiscoping for more information on the photography of animals.

Multi-Purpose LED Light

Aside from a few tactical flashlights, you should also carry a multi-purpose LED light in your bag to light your tent after sundown, and to light your path while you answer nature’s call in the middle of the night.

Solar Charger

As you cannot expect to have an electrical outlet on your nearest tree, you will have to bring your solar chargers with you. It’s a romantic idea not to carry your phone on a camping trip, but it is not recommended by any means. You need to have a charged phone near you at all times to call for help during emergencies. Aside from phones, other devices like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, etc. will also need to be recharged as well.


It may sound fantastical, but it’s true! You can now buy and carry a charging device that can recharge devices by drawing power from your campfire! These chargers convert hydrogen and carbon into electrical power and store it too. Fire-chargers are not only amazing examples of modern camping tech, but they are also quite useful in the middle of the woods after a rainy day. If you want to build one yourself, check this out.

Instant Water Filter Bottle

When you are in the wilderness, you may have to rely on natural sources of water, but you can never be sure if it’s safe for drinking. This is why it’s necessary to carry an instant water purifying bottle or two with you. They are pretty reliable and can usually purify rainwater or stream water in minutes.

Now that you have a few must-have items on your list, head over to and find some of the stuff mentioned here and many more useful items on the site. It is recommended that you make a list before buying anything though, and prioritize it according to the needs of your next outdoor trip. Besides, bring an outdoor tracking device with you to keep you safe in your camping trip.

Another emergency essential is a handheld citizens band radio. This can come in handy if you’re in an area with no mobile reception and need to call for help, listen to the radio, or check weather channels.

Never head into the wilderness unprepared. Keep yourself and others safe by preparing beforehand. Educate yourself in the manner, so you don’t put yourself at risk.

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