The Tech That’ll Turn Your Little Home Business Into Mean, Lean Money-Making Machine


Running a business from home is a big step and one that you’ll soon find will dump plenty of responsibility on your lap. But don’t let that burden get too heavy and risk crushing you. Your secret to success is going to be the tech you employ to help you. You’re going to be using it to manage and reduce your workload, to find and keep customers and to keep your business safe. So, let’s start looking into how you use technology to make a real professional outfit out of your business.

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Protect yourself

Most people are going to have some measure of security on their home network. When you start doing business from that home network, however, that’s no longer acceptable. You’re going to collecting and using data that’s a lot more valuable and can be a lot more harmful if it falls into the wrong hands. You need to invest properly in some cybersecurity. From premium antiviruses to secure firewalls. Take your time securing your network and preventing unauthorized access. To that end, you need to make sure your family can’t accidentally access or interfere with your important business data.

Don’t lose that data

It’s not only unauthorised access that can be a real threat to the data your business is going to need. Even the newest and shiniest of computers can suffer from problems. Amongst the most catastrophic of them are those that can entirely wipe your hard drives of all the data on them. Which means you can no longer rely on just one method of storing your data. You need to start diversifying and start backing up your data. Both through physical tools like spare hard drives and other devices, as well as with virtual options like a cloud storage service like JustCloud.

Keep getting better

Once your data is secure, you need to look at how you actually do work at home. In particular, you’re going to want to get a real idea of how productive you are. To that end, you should consider investing in a workflow management system. With tools like Kissflow, you can track how much you do every day, as well as the different tasks you have to take care of. By looking at how you do, you can start to prioritise and manage your time better. Otherwise, you might develop some pretty bad habits that will hobble the business for a long time to come.

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Get specific with marketing

A smaller business is always going to have to have some difficulty in matching the bigger and better-funded methods of their larger contemporaries. So you’re going to have to get a lot more specific and targeted with their marketing. Besides finding a niche and a brand, you should look into how to make your online presence more specific, too. For instance, you can use search engine optimisation and keywords to not only make you more visible on searches regarding certain topics. You can use it to make you more visible to those who are in the area local to you.

Employ some robots

If your productivity is more than satisfactory but you’re still finding that your to-do list keeps piling and piling and piling, you need to think about getting some help. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to start hiring people. Instead, consider looking into the ever growing world of automation. For instance, you can use automated personal assistants to help you better manage your time. You can also automate things like invoices and accounting so you’re spending all your day fiddling with your finances.

Always be in reach

There are times where the situation calls for a bit more of a human presence, of course. One of the most vital is keeping your customers happy. To that end, being accessible and available through online customer service can make even the smallest business look incredibly professional. Live chat options can be fitted on your site, for instance. If you can’t afford the time to offer a live chat, however, consider a ticketing system that makes your customer enquiries a lot easier to sort to deal with.

Without using home business tech properly, you’re soon going to find that you have too much on your plate to deal with at once. It will make work a lot more stressful and wreck your work-life balance. Those conditions are not acceptable. You need to have a passion for business, so use the right tech to stop you from getting bogged down by those responsibilities.

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