The Surprising Trend in Garden Design That is Helping the Environment


Most people try these days to be as eco friendly as they can in their decisions as consumers, and in the design of their homes and gardens. This is partly due to fears around global warming and the need to conserve resources, but also because being greener can often help save money. This is why people now tend to lean towards things like energy efficient appliances, and LED lighting.

Conservation Isn’t Just About Saving Fuel

As well as saving energy and avoiding waste, however, water conservation can also be important to helping the environment. With every dry season seeming to bring about bans on using hosepipes and sprinklers, it is clear that our gardens, especially lawns, can be a big drain on our water reserves. This seems to be one of the things inspiring a new trend in garden design – and it is one that may come as some surprise in eco terms. More and more homeowners are now helping the environment by using fake grass instead of planting real live grass lawns.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has moved forward a lot in terms of its look and feel, and is now completely convincing both close up and from a distance, if you choose high quality artificial grass from leading companies like Grono. This makes it a great option for creating beautiful lawns, even in places where real grass won’t grow. It also means, of course, that the lawn stays green whatever the weather without needing to be watered, which is how these lawns are helping enormously when it comes to water conservation. Of course, not needing to water the grass also brings with it practical benefits, making the artificial lawn much easier to maintain.

Artificial turf is designed to drain water efficiently too, so when it rains, the lawn doesn’t turn into a swamp!

Other Eco Friendly Benefits

Saving water isn’t the only way artificial lawns help the environment either. Because they never need to be mowed or trimmed, they can help their owners reduce their carbon emissions. When you consider large lawns with ride on lawnmowers, it is clear how big of a difference this can make. Also, because the grass doesn’t need to be fertilized, and won’t sprout weeds or attract insects, it also means that people with fake grass lawns are not putting chemicals into the environment keeping them healthy and pest free.

Some Other Reasons More Artificial Lawns Are Appearing

The environmental benefits of fake grass are clear, then, however they can also give other advantages. People who are not physically able to maintain their lawns, such as elderly or disabled people, or people who own holiday homes they don’t visit regularly, are able to have beautiful gardens without having to hire anyone to do the mowing. Also, they create no allergens, making life easier for hay fever sufferers.

While it may seem odd to consider replacing real plants with fake ones to help the environment, this is a trend that is making a difference, and one well worth thinking about if you are developing your garden.

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