The story behind Flawless Face


Perception is Everything, Make yours Flawless!

After learning airbrush makeup techniques from watching YouTube videos and eventually mastering a few techniques, Tiffany McCoy was completely sold on airbrushing as her makeup technique of choice. After a very short period, however, she realized the limitations of airbrush makeup. Some colors were not always available for purchase, and the small airbrush bottles were very expensive, especially for a makeup artist who tends to use a lot of the product very quickly.

After many months of research and testing, she eventually came up with the Flawless Face airbrush makeup formula. A light mist airbrush makeup product that dries quickly in a light matte form. Since then she has created an entire line of foundations, eyeshadows and blush airbrush cosmetics. Flawless Face Philosophy is, “Perception is Everything, Make yours Flawless!”



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