The smart and useful HDB interior design ideas for 2019


Everyone wants to walk into a beautifully decorated home! That doesn’t mean you have to spend millions in your home renovation project. You can make the most of your means and say yes to a house decor high on aesthetics and utility. It is essential to arrive with a perfect blend of good looks and practical use. For that, you need to make wise decisions about the home decor trends you select. Every year there are new design trends in the market. You can choose the one that best caters to your requirement and budget capacity.

Are you someone who likes minimalistic and chic home decor? Or you do prefer the traditional, chunky decor pieces placed sparingly in your house? Or you could want the best of both worlds! Regardless of your preference, you must deploy an ace contractor and home decor specialist for your HDB interior design. Some of the smart ideas that you can opt-in for are as follows:

  • Get a patio

Most people think that a patio is perfect for an elaborate house structure that has a significant home extension or substantial outdoor space. Even an average house or small space can have a patio. You need to assess the area where you are planning to have this construction, its surroundings, and the purpose you want to use it for. If you want to gather after a day’s work, drink wine and eat grilled platters with your family or dear ones, a garden-side patio is the best example to opt-in for. You can use appropriate decor elements like plants, ceramic showpieces, make an herb garden, get a vintage table, wooden stools, and many more. Experiments with various design patterns and select the best for yourself.

  • Never compromise on a compact and powerful ceiling

If it’s a new house you are entering, then you should opt-in for a sturdy roof. Most home decorators emphasize the relevance of a ceiling fan in minimizing the extra cost. So make sure your ceiling is rock solid and stable. It helps you to add in exciting variations of decor. For instance, if you are in for country decor, you could hand a massive dream catcher and other aerial decorative from the ceiling.

If you are staying in a place that has a warm temperature around the year, the air-conditions sap in a tremendous amount of electricity. It is one of the essential reasons why a few homeowners can pay a lesser utility bill because they opted-in for ceiling fans. That aside, when you have a firm ceiling, you can opt-in for creative artwork or mirror work in the ceiling instead of having layers of paint. Choose a primary white paint and then decorate the ceilings the way you want it. Ceiling and wall decals are also a good idea. So, get talking with your contractor to understand your ceiling strength and techniques to enhance it.

  • Have a mix of wood and geode furniture

If you have the budget, you can get a blend of geode and wooden furniture! For instance, you can have a wooden sofa, chair, and stools and complement the decor by saying yes to a geode center table. Simply geode, furniture gets made out of natural stones and crystals such as agate, jasper, clear quartz, and many more. This furniture exudes a natural aura in the room and adds a positive vibe to it. Additionally, geode and wooden furniture together create an eclectic mix which can enhance your home decor manifold.

  • Experiment with wall hues

One of the best ways to change the way your room and house looks is to change the wall paint colors. Refrain from the shades you always used. Was your previous wall paint color like pale yellow or pistachio green? If yes, then you can choose light brown, ombre, off whites, and experiment with the paint types. For instance, instead of the regular plastic, you can opt-in for a matter wall paint texture or an embossed one. It gives depth to the room and takes your entire home decor style a notch higher. You will know once your friends and family start sharing their appreciation.

  • Dried flowers bring in a rustic feel

Every homeowner wants to add something unique to their decor! For instance, you can choose the dried flowers on a flower vase beside a living room window. You can get artificial dried herbs as well. It can be a temporary arrangement. And you change the dried flower decor style as you find it fit. You can alternate it with paper flowers or a small indoor herb garden as well.

These are some of the critical home decor ideas that you can opt-in for today! There are plenty of other ideas too that you can say yes to, such as having stunning mirror pieces on the wall, artworks and the like. Make sure you consult your constructor and home decor specialist before you finalize the renovation ideas.

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