The Seminar I Went To in Australia that Transformed My Life

Had it ever happened to you, that all the things got out of control and your life was slowly crushing down? It happened to me recently.

It started with a conflict with my boss at work, which caused me much stress. As a result, I felt very angry and withdrawn, so the romantic relationship, that had only started, gradually came to an end. My car broke down, my brother got into the hospital and my family needed much money for his operation. It seemed like the end of the world, but actually, it was just the end of my relaxed and easy life. Yet, my brain was too overwhelmed to accept it. I struggled to return to the normal path, but the things went even worth and finally, I had to quit the job.

As a logical continuation of the story, I started to drink much. Sometimes with friends who were telling me that all gonna be ok but mostly alone. Once I had this lonely drink in a bar and met this guy, who came to the bar with his laptop to work and have a glass of beer.

Our conversation, that started from a little joke, lasted till midnight. It appeared that my new friend had a story, similar to mine. Last year he got broke. He had to support his wife and two newborn twins, pay the rent and deal with a drug-addicted mom. Unlike me, he didn’t fall into depression but started looking for solutions – motivation and empowerment. Now he is a successful entrepreneur, developing his IT start-up in Australia. And he found it at the seminar he went in his city. This guy encouraged me to search for a good mentor and change my life. I replied that I hadn’t had money for such things, as I needed to support my brother.

‘You spend more money on the alcohol and cigarettes’ he replied. ‘Get out of your swamp!’

The Best Motivational Seminar in Australia

In a few days, I found Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar and decided to sign in.

There were many people, old and young, in smart suits and jeans. Anthony Robbins had a very inspiring talk. It was all about simple things, most of them you know with your common sense, but somehow you never even have time to stop and think about what you really want to do in your life and how effectively you use every hour of yours.

I returned from that seminar grateful for the chance I’d got. It took me a few days to think about my goals, write them down and develop a strategy to achieve them. From that moment my life started changing. My brother felt better, I finally repaired my car and started dating a gorgeous and smart young lady. I took a course in a landscape design, intending to change my professional sphere completely.

But the main thing is that I have started feeling myself much happier, responsible for own decisions and life choices.

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