The Secrets to Long and Luscious Locks

luscious locks

Many of us women (and men) dream of having Rapunzel-esque long locks. It makes your hairstyle so much more versatile, by opening up a wealth of hairstyle options for you. You wouldn’t have to even consider anything like hair extensions, and you’d look that way that you wanted to. But in order to achieve that kind of look it is certainly easier said than done. You might be someone that just got lucky in the genetics department, and thick hair was one of those things. When it is thick, it is easier to grow long as it doesn’t break as much. It makes growing hair more simple than your finer haired counterparts. But let’s be honest, for the majority of people, growing out your hair can be hard! It can take a while, and you might get a little frustrated along the way. So here are some secrets to growing your hair long, that will hopefully help you on the journey to the long and luscious locks that you’ve always wanted.

luscious locks


Don’t Style Hair When Wet

One of the biggest mistakes that happens, maybe because we see it happening at the hairdressers, is that styling your hair when it is wet can lead to breakage. It is best to run your fingers through your hair and to get a rough part in your hair before you dry it or leave it to dry. Otherwise, brushing or combing and just snap off any of the tangles and knots. Which leads to breakage. Meaning more chance of needing a haircut, which defeats the objective that you have.

Use a Supplement

You might be surprised to hear that one of the reasons that your hair isn’t growing is because you could be lacking in certain vitamins or minerals that are needed to strengthen your hair. So it could be worth taking a supplement that is specifically designed for hair, like Nutrafol, for example. It is rumoured that even Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham use supplements for their hair, so you’d be in good company. Then it can improve the health and quality of your hair, so has to be worth a try.

Improve Your Diet

Alongside a supplement, you should think about what you are eating and the effect it can have on your hair. Anything that we take in our bodies can have an effect on us. After all, we all know the phrase that we are what we eat. So a diet full of too many processed foods, which are lacking in any nutritional value will be detrimental. The best foods to eat for hair growth are ones that are full of all of the right kinds of fat, like avocado, eggs and salmon. Foods that are high in iron are good to eat too, so things like spinach, kale and other dark leafy greens. Iron is great for helping to grow your hair and help it to be strong.


Using Too Much Product Can Be Detrimental

From heat protectors to serums and setting spray, we can all use many products on a day to day basis. But did you know that using too many products, at least on a daily basis, can be quite detrimental if you want to grow your hair? Too many products can block the pores on your scalp, which stops your hair from growing as freely as it should. We all want to use products from time to time, though; there is no harm in that. You should just be more wary of just how many you use. Cleansing your scalp with something like coconut oil once a week is a good idea, as it will soothe your scalp and unblock pores.

Don’t Brush Too Often

If you want your hair to grow, then you need it to stop breaking. If it breaks regularly, then you need to look at why you think your hair might break or snap so often. There are many things that can cause hair breakage. Washing your hair too often can be one of the causes. But brushing your hair is something that we can all do innocently, but it can actually be causing damage. It is a good idea to only brush your hair when you really need to. Not just for the sake of it. Along a similar line, using too many grips or bobby pins in your hair can cause the hair to break. We all like to use them from time to time, but if you slide them in too aggressively, then it can cause breakage. It is also a good idea to only use the grips when they have the protectors on the ends. If they have fallen off, then it will be so harsh on your hair as you slide them into your hair. So be more wary of the use of these. Then the chances of breakage will be reduced.


Quit the Bleach

Bleach is a chemical that can be used for cleaning. So you can imagine the kind of damage that it can do to your hair. There is nothing wrong with bleaching your hair from time to time. But if you are trying to grow your hair, then don’t complain that it isn’t growing when you are bleaching it once a month! As bleach is a chemical, it does change your hair, and in most cases, it isn’t for the better. It can make your hair much weaker, especially when it is teamed with blow-drying and hair straighteners or heated curling irons.

Always Have Dry Hair Before Bed

We’ve all been there; you have a shower before bed and just go to sleep with wet hair. While this might be convenient, it can be really tricky on your hair and scalp. If your scalp isn’t dried properly, then it causes a lot of problems and can lead to an itchy scalp and clogged pores on your scalp. So if you don’t have time to dry your hair that night, use a shower cap in the shower!

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