The Secret of Psychic Music Healing

Psychic Music Healing

Psychic music healing enables an individual to increase the energy flowing into their body, and direct it at other people. Physic music healing is responsible for the creation of precognition, telekinesis and telepathy. Anyone has the ability to learn how to accomplish this amazing process with this source.

Body music is the secret, and can be played by anyone regardless of their physical condition. When standing, the feet are placed shoulder-width apart, the knees are bent just slightly, and the left hand is below the belly, with the palm facing inwards. The right hand is also palm inward, a few inches above and in front of the chest. The hands are moved vertically, the left going up, and the right down until they meet in the middle. The positions are then exchanged. As these motions are repeated, the body is transformed into a harmonic oscillating capacitor. The name of this exercise is ‘moving of the yin and yang.’

The best online psychics often use psychic music healing because they understand the true significance. This process does not require a lot of strength, and slower movements bring stronger results. The small universe or microcosmic orbit is another psychic music healing exercise. This is based on the twelve nodes outside the body, and the twelve notes in the music scale. Begin by sitting on the edge of a chair, relaxed but with the back straight. Focus the mind on the twelve notes, and insights and profound sensations will occur.

The twelve natural nodes of the body are the belly, bottom of the torso, lower back, top of the back, top of the head, neck, bladder, tip of the tailbone, kidney area, base of the head, neck and the middle of the forehead. The exercise involves alternating between these nodes while slowly moving. As the exercise is practiced and repeated, electromagnetic fields become light. The body becomes very limber, strong and flexible. When the twelve notes are kept in tune, the body is healed perfectly.

Music is different than the other arts because it does not symbolize or represent anything. Music has power not found in the other arts because it is emotion. Psychic music healing is in the songs of the birds in the morning. The song is sublime, and the ultrasonic frequency resonates the stomata of the plants. This is what enables the plants to absorb the nutrients found in the morning dew. The best online psychics understand this concept, and the amount of energy in the universe. When a person is experiencing deep sleep, they do not retain their self-awareness. Despite this, consciousness still exists.

The final type of psychic music healing is called pyramid power or full-lotus body music. It is impossible to fake the full-lotus, and anyone capable of healing or seeing auras is capable of the full-lotus. The mind is extended beyond the body because the body is being charged with electromagnetic fields. The full-lotus is considered sacred in the Middle East, India, China and Egypt. When an individual is sitting in full-lotus, one equilateral triangle is formed by the knees and spine. The second is formed with the elbow over the feet, and the hands directly in front of the heart. This position creates a vortex of free energy.

The full-lotus represents a conundrum to many people because although it appears to be painful, it is creating the greatest of bliss. Spending twenty minutes in the full-lotus position accomplishes more than any other practice. The intense body pressure is released as a free spirit, and building up to this type of body music is incredibly rewarding. Ninety percent of human history is represented by Africa’s Koisan people. They used the same psychic music healing seen in modern cultures.

The whole camp participated, and the men and often women would dance all around the people singing. The energy was activated by the healers as the dance intensified. The healers then experienced a type of enhanced consciousness, and this was shared with everyone participating in the dance. The dance generally ended before the sun rose the next morning. The participants were able to confront their uncertainties, and reaffirm their spiritual dimension. They found the dance powerful, joyful and exciting.

Dancing simply makes the heart happy, and this is called !kia. This is what enables certain people to heal. As the healer dances, they begin to sweat, this heats up, and turns to vapor. It rises upwards with the spine, and !kia results once it reaches the skull’s base.

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