The Science of Hyperpigmentation You Need to Know

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Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition characterized by excess darkening of the skin tone. It not only makes skin look patchy and dark, but also renders a dull and uneven skin tone. Although countless anti-pigmentation products are available on the market, most of them provide a temporary solution, if at all. It is, therefore, important to understand the science of hyperpigmentation to help with your search for effective skin lightening products. Continuing on the subject, this post provides a brief understanding of hyperpigmentation and how Melblok skin care system can help treat the condition. Read on.


Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in which special skin cells called ‘Melanocytes’, found in the Basal layer of the skin, become overactive and start producing excessive quantity of Melanin, the substance responsible for giving skin its color. Overproduction of Melanin leads to darkening of skin, which can surface in the form of dark spots, patchy skin (melasma), freckles, and uneven tanning.

Possible Causes

Hyperpigmentation can be triggered by both external and internal factors. Let’s take a look at each.

External Factors

External factors that may lead to hyperpigmentation include harsh cosmetics, excessive UV exposure, injuries, acne, and treatments such as chemical peeling, bleaching, laser, plucking, and waxing. Contraceptive pills and certain drugs can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Internal Factors

Internal factors that can lead to hyperpigmentation include diabetes, hormonal imbalance, allergies, pregnancy, high blood pressure, and menopause. In addition, many people develop hyperpigmentation without facing any external skin damage, due to hereditary anomalies.

Why Conventional Skin Care Products Don’t Work

Most conventional anti-pigmentation skin care products available on the market either deliver short-lived results or don’t work at all. Most of them just suppress the symptoms temporarily without eliminating the root cause of the problem. In fact some products and therapies such as laser and skin peeling can even worsen the problem.

How Melblok Skin Care System Helps

Pigmentation prone skin needs an especially formulated anti-pigmentation solution that not only normalizes over-active Melanocytes, but also restores them to their younger form. A solution such as Melblok skin care system. Melblok is a specialized Bio-Active skin care system, especially formulated for people with hyperpigmentation prone skin. Melblok day and night creams provide the right condition to Melanocytes and the surrounding skin cells to help them revert to their original form making your skin naturally bright and even-toned.

To learn more about hyperpigmentation and the effectiveness of Melblok products, feel free to call 080108 88000, or fill out our contact form, and leave rest to us.

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