The Rock Chick Look Can Be Yours if You Follow These Tips

Do you admire the rock chick look but have no idea how to pull it off? You’ve bought the studded boots and the graphic tees, but you are unsure if you will get the look right. Well, nailing the style is easier than you think. You just need to know what works for your body and age. Some of the items you need may be lying in your closet right now. You do not have to go all the way at first. You can throw a biker jacket or boots on top of your everyday look and stand out. If you are determined to go all the way, though, you may have to go shopping for some items. Here are some ways you can nail the rock chick look on a daily basis.

1. A Leather Jacket

Do you have a leather jacket in your closet? If not, you need to go shopping for one today. A cropped leather jacket is preferable for this look. A genuine leather jacket may be slightly expensive, but you can buy faux leather and get the same look. Rock or biker chicks wear black leather everywhere. Black leather is edgy and will go with any pair of jeans or dress in your wardrobe. However, black is a bit harsh and may make you look older than you truly are. Alternate black with other cool colors like dark brown, gray, navy or charcoal.

2. Studded Items

Studded detailing on an outfit portrays the rock chick look instantly. All kinds of studies, including gold, silver, polished, and hammered will work. As you shop for leather jackets, get a few with studs. Alternatively, you can buy high heels or boots with studded details. However, be careful not to overdo the studs. For example, refraim from wearing more than two items with studs. Therefore, go for small studs instead of long studs for a more sophisticated look.

3. Edgy Accessories

Combine your everyday look with heavy or roughed up accessories. Go for long earrings, a bold skull bracelet, stud earrings, and chunky bangles. You can find all these accessories in biker jewelry shops like Gthic. Wear several rings on different fingers. You can experiment with knuckle rings or two-finger rings. Find the accessories that work for you and then take them a notch higher.

4. Black Skinny Jeans

Skinny black pants or jeans are a must-have for this look. You can rock these jeans on weekends or in the evenings. The good thing about black jeans is that you can wear them with any shoes and top and still look edgy. You can combine them with studded heels or boots, or even canvas, depending the on the occasion. Black jeans come in different designs including plain, shredded, and coated designs. Any other design will work perfectly when combined with the right top, jacket, and shoes.

5. Shredded Denim Shorts

Here is another alternative for your summer weekends. Denim shorts never go out of fashion and wearing them with shreds makes you look trendy and fun. If you are comfortable in your skin, make sure the bigger the rips are and pair with bare legs. Alternatively, you can wear them with opaque black tights or leggings. The good thing is that you do not have to buy them shredded. If you have a pair in your wardrobe, you can make the shreds at home and step out boldly.

6. Grunge Dresses

If you like to wear dresses instead of pants, add some little grunge dresses to your wardrobe. You have many designs to choose from including skater dresses, checked maxi dresses and floral grunge dresses which are dark in color. Put a denim vest on over the dress for an edgy look. However, if you want to embody the full rock chick look, wear over the knee boots with or without studs.

7. Makeup

You can nail the rock chick style right now if you just change the makeup on your face. The beauty about wearing rock chick makeup is that you get the look without appearing as if you are trying too hard. Go all black with your mascara and eyeliner, but keep palette colors neutral. Nude eye shadow can give you a classy look, but you can also lay gray or brown on it for the smoky eye look. Choose deep colors for your lipstick. If you choose a strong color like hot pink, minimize your eye makeup. The right color combinations depend on the time of day and your skin color.

8. A Flannel Shirt

Every girl needs a flannel shirt in her wardrobe. The classic shirt is edgy and versatile. You can style the same shirt in so many ways and still look trendy. Flannel shirts come in different colors and this gives you a wider choice. You can button up your flannel shirt or wear it with a crop top inside. Alternatively, you can tie it around a grunge dress. Another trendy way to wear the shirt is by combining it with skinny jeans, studded boots, a leather jacket and a scarf. The combination automatically spells rock chick style.

9. A Corset Top

Sometimes the first thing that comes to your mind when a rock chick is mentioned is a crop top. If you are uncomfortable showing off your midsection, you can trade the classic crop top for a corset top. You can rock the top with skinny high waist jeans or a hi-low skirt. If you wear a plain corset top, accessorize it with chunky bangles or a skull bracelet, and a heavy chain. Long earrings will also give the top an edgy look.

10. Denim Jacket

You cannot wear a leather jacket every day, and a trendy denim jacket is the next best alternative. A denim jacket looks trendy when worn with skinny black pants or opaque leggings and boots. Better still, wear studded boots instead of plain boots. You can also wear the jacket with a concert tee and a trendy hat.


Nailing the trendy rock chick look is simpler than you think. You just need to know what to buy, or how to wear what you already have. Do not overdo or over think it. You do not want to look as if you are trying too hard to stand out. Combining two of the suggested items with your usual look will give you an edgy look that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

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