The rise and renaissance of the now fashionable Vespa


We learned long ago that a vehicle a machine is anything but something that simply gets you from A to B.

After all, this much is true; James Bond wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than an Aston Martin, Bruce Wayne would be nothing without his trusted Batmobile, nor would Michael Knight (played by the infamous David Hasselhoff) survive without his steely right-hand car, KITT.

While we don’t necessarily have the same lifestyle as an extraordinary spy, or a quirky crime fighter, we all like to appear stylish and in good taste.

The rebirth of the Vespa

Unfortunately, the reality of our budgets quickly stifles any dream of driving your very own Aston Martin – but there is hope for the parsimonious in search of good taste: the Vespa.

Arguably one of the coolest modes of transport ever invented, the Vespa was born in the 40s and peaked in the 70s. It was one form of transport that was certain to make the gentlemen envious and ladies swoon.

Whilst numbers of vintage mopeds have declined domestically over the last forty years, they remain a staple transport method in Italy and Europe, and have seen a resurgence in popularity in the States over the last few years.

Cheap form of transport in post-recession America

We are increasingly witnessing gangs of Vespa riders whizzing down the road, adorning open face motorcycle helmets that provide 1940s style but with modern safety technology to afford the riders the liberty that scooter riding brings them.

Not only do vintage mopeds prove to be an inexpensive mode of transport, but they’re still incredibly stylish. When we think of Vespas we imagine rows of them parked outside the Colosseum; images of tanned young women scootering along the sun-blessed ancient city come to mind, or the dark haired, larger than life Italian gentlemen lounging on one next to the Pantheon, reading a book and sipping on a cappuccino.

All of the images we have of Vespas generally involve something ‘cool’ – something we’re all very much interested in being. While a primary method for rebellious teenagers, they are becoming a much more viable mode of transport for people of all ages, looking to claw back some of their youth, or maybe just get to work while also raising a few eyebrows along the way.

Influencing fashion as well as transport

When you think of a Vespa rider, you think of someone stylish. For gentlemen, this means being smartly attired in a single-breasted slim suit from Hugo Boss, paired with a set of aviators and finished off with a pair of brown leather dress-boots to finish off the quintessential Italian look – all complete with a stylish, yet casual lady on the back, as they ride around town searching for their next fancy.

While Vespas may be cheap, the people who ride them certainly have style. This has always added to the charm of the classic scooter, with the renaissance being a direct result of the demand created in a post-recession USA. While it has been disastrous for many, we can thank it for one thing – more stylish people on our roads than ever before.



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