“The Reference Me Please” app will change the way you network

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What others say about you is often far more important than what you say about yourself, after all you’re only going to say good things about yourself, but recruiters, landlords and credit agencies want a truthful, professional reference – and quick!

reference appMaxine Robinson is the founder of the app Reference Me Please. She was a manager of a home care services business and had to verify submitted references. She felt there should be an easier way to give and receive a reference and the The Reference App was born. She is developing the app in Android and iOS with software developer Rushil Sablania. They are in the process of launching their Kickstarter campaign. If you want to advance your career professional resume writers can help you enhance your opportunity for employment.

What is great about this app it’s not just for employment references. With this app you can send any creditor a credit reference invitation through the Reference Me Please app. Another featured reference with this app is the Renters Reference, it has become more and more popular for a perspective landlord to ask for a renter reference.

This app will change the way you network, whatever your, doing rather it be buying a house, applying to graduate school, or that college that you so desire to get into. It keeps your network at your fingertips!

You can give someone a reference with just a few clicks. There are 6 different reference categories to include, Personal/Character Reference: Court cases, volunteering, and if you provide any type of services.

Business Reference: Business loans, Business networking, and recommending professional services.

Employment Reference: Job employment, and Job advancement.

Academic Reference: Private school, College admissions, and graduate school.

Credit Reference: Buying a house, car, loan, employment, business

Renter Reference: To rent a condo, apartment, townhouse, and office space.

The Reference Me Please app also has an extra added feature called Reference Me Wallet, which allows you to store all important documents. Never look for a copy of your bills, life insurance, yearly tax forms, birth certificates, social security cards, and any other important documents.

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