The Ready for Anything Pants

draped trouser

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means holiday parties almost every week. No one wants to have to constantly bring a bag of clothes to work to change into for a night on the town. It would be much easier if work attire was more transitional for all the extra events that come our way. Think of how much time could be saved and how more functional our closets could be if we didn’t have clothes for just work and clothes for everything else. I’m sure not only will we all spend less time getting ready in the morning, but can save money since our clothes will be multi-functional.  Luckily for all of us, Monek has joined the fashion scene to help with this everyday struggle.

Monek is a fashion brand that has innovated the way women’s wear should look and feel. Women have a variety of interest and work jobs all across the spectrum, so why should their clothes be one-dimensional? Monek believes that women should be fashionable and comfortable in the clothes they wear to work because the various jobs women have to do on and off the clock. Because of these things, Monek brings bold colors, clean prints and edgy cuts that compliment women of various body types and shapes into their collection. There are many great looks in Monek’s fashion line, but one that stands out for its versatility and functionality is the Draped Trousers in Black. Black is already a versatile color that can work for any time of day and any season. The Draped Trousers in Black is something you can wear all year round with different staple pieces in your closet. To find out ways to wear the Draped Trouser in Black, follow these tips below.

The Edgy Workday Look

The Draped Trouser in Black are the perfect pants to complete a workday look. The looseness and almost harem like fit provides a chic overall look with an immense amount of comfort. For an edgier work attire look pair the Draped Trouser in Black with a graphic-t and some high heeled pumps or booties. This look will bring some playfulness to an everyday work look. You can even add a blazer to dress it up, or a denim jacket to further dress it down.

The Professional and Preppy Workday Look

For a more professional work look pair the Draped Trouser in Black with a long sleeved sheer button up shirt. You’ll want to tuck this shirt in to create a more clean and refined illusion. Pair your favorite statement necklace under the color of the shirt and wear pumps. This look is simple but very clean and put together, which is perfect for a professional work setting.  You can also pair the Draped Trouser in Black with either an all black or colorful turtleneck. Again, add your favorite necklace and matching pumps to complete your look.

Both looks are transitional from the office to after hours and will fit in with either environment while maintaining an overall effortlessly chic look. To learn about Monek and their ready-to-wear work wear collection please visit,

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