The Pros and Cons of Leather Bags

leather bag

Leather is one of the most classic materials out there and wears many hats. It can portray sophistication, yet it can also play the role of rugged, rough intimidating biker.

Leather provides a definite style, and it is one of the toughest and longest lasting materials out there. Purchase one Apostl leather coat or bag, and it will likely be with you through life and even passed down to the wee grandkids, it’s just that good.

Bags are one of the most stylish and fine accessories; there is a whole culture of people who collect bags and are dedicated to finding the best ones out there.

Leather offers a high-end and refined look hard to duplicate with other fabrics, and with its longevity, it makes for a popular material for bags. Plus, the items you carry around will thank you for providing sanctuary in such a plush, lovely, and safe home.

Leather bags can be purchased online from retailers such as,,,, and many more.

The Pros of a Leather Bag

Stand the test of time

A high-quality leather bag is made to stand the test of time. Unlike synthetic materials, leather comes from nature, and the craft has been perfected since way back in 1819 and proven to be strong, and durable. These tough bags can endure the wear and tear of travel and only look better with age. This is no more evident than when you see one on the back of a Harley. The road can throw a lot at you, so see a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer if you are injured. Because one thing’s for sure. Your leather bags on the back of the bike will come out better than you if the worst happens.

Never goes out of style

As we know, a well-made leather bag is sure to stand the test of time, but what good is that if it will go out of style next season? Fortunately, time and time again, leather has proven to be stylish and always on trend, and the classic shapes are still going strong.

Defines your look

A bag is the final piece that defines your look and brings it together; ultimately it can make or break it. Leather is known to be versatile, depending on the design it can portray sophistication or a more edgy or punk look. Whatever the style is that you are after, a bag will add definition to it.


A simple leather bag goes with nearly every outfit and occasion. Go from work to the pup, a club, or even a fancy cocktail party. Travel in style, no matter where in the world you go, a leather bag will never do you wrong.

The Cons of a Leather Bag

leather bag

Even though leather is a fine material, it does have a handful of downfalls. Before making an investment in a leather product, consider the potential cons that come with it.

Not vegan

Unfortunately, leather is not vegan-friendly. Leather most often comes from cowhide and the production of leather is also not environmentally friendly. However, once made, leather is long-lasting and can often be found at vintage or thrift stores, making it more environmentally friendly than some fake leathers that are made of plastic and do not last very long.

Trouble with water

While the material does okay with some water, overall it is not water resistant. This garment needs special care and cannot be thrown in the wash. It must be washed by hand and with leather conditioner, or taken to a special but expensive cleaner.

Can be expensive

Leather is one of the more pricey materials. Despite high prices, the price evens out with how long it lasts. Many fake leather products will break down often within a years time, while a true leather item will last years and will cost less than buying a new bag each year.

Stretch marks over time

Despite being a long-lasting material, over time it will stretch, and these marks may be present. However, many love an aged leather piece, so this could be a pro for you.


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